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Help - my son has Dermatitis Lock Rss

Just foiund out my son's (8 mnth) has dematitis on his cheeks. I have been using Gaia products for his bath and using sorbalene on his cheeks. Found sorbalene only smoothed it but not cleared it. He has had the redness for a few months now. He does not scratch himself. The doctor prescribed crotisone cream for him. and i am now washing his face using QV. I would like to know if anyone has other ideas.

Caroline Springs

There are tonnes of products on the market that may help.

Paw paw ointment

Just to name a few. Your best bet would be to keep using what is wotking at the moment and then try something new when it stops working

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

Lachie had very badnexcema when he was about 6 months. (Also didn't scratch) We saw a skin specialist who recommended QV Flare Up bath oil and Dermaven. Dermaven was developed by the Royal Childrens Hospital in Victoria. You can buy at at the chemist. It looks a bit like vaseline and it is fantastic. Good luck.

Thanks for all your help. Went to chemist and he gave me Dermerveen samples to use. As well as i purchased QV wash and egizite baby cream. I am now trying all these products. Hopefully the rash will go away.

Caroline Springs

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