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Hip Ultrasound and Xray??? Lock Rss

Hi, I took my 6 month old to the drs, as he had a roll of skin on his left leg, which I thought was just fat until I noticed it was only on that side. The dr checked his hips like they do, and my little man screamed. So the dr is sending him for a ultrasound and xray next week.
Has anyone else been through this, or might know what could be wrong?? I am in a panic?
Thanks in advance...
Hi Manda,

I think your doctor might be concerned about congenital dislocation of the hip - this is where the thigh and hip bones don't quite line up properly. It's something that can be fixed, so try not to panic! Here is a website with some more info:

I read up on it as my MACH nurse thought my daughter might have the same problem because of uneven thigh creases (same as your bubby). We went to our GP and after he checked her over he said there was no problem. From what I have read, uneven thigh creases don't necessarily mean there is a problem, and your bubby probably screamed when your doctor checked his hips because it hurt, not because anything is wrong!

I am disgusted that your doctor did not tell you why s/he was referring your bubby for an ultrasound and xray - you are his mum and have a right to have things explained to you properly. Anyway, I am sure you are being referred just as a precaution - if there was a problem, it probably would have been picked up by now, so try not to worry (which I know is very hard)!

Hope this helps.

Hi. My daughter was diagnosed with developmentl dysplasia of the hip (clicky hip) at 2 months. She has had ultrasounds and xrays done on her hips. To fix the problem orthopedic surgeon put her in a brace but she was too string for it. So, she has been in a hip spica (plaster cast) from chest to toes for 11 weeks. She gets the cast off in 2 days and then she may be in double nappies for a while. Don't panic, it was hard at first but they get used too it very quickly and it causes you more stress than it does the baby. All the best.

Jodie, QLD

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