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Wind in 8.5 month old Lock Rss

My 8.5 month old is constantly popping off. So much that it is waking him up. Does anyone have any suggestions to clearing this excess gas out. We have changed his solid food diet. He is lactose free. Has had diarrehia recently and since then constantly passing wind. We need to get rid of this gas. Also tried Infacol and Gripe water with no relief. Any ideas?
My nana gave me the best stuff i've ever used - it is good for adult indigestion too. It's Fluid of Magnesium and costs about $8.00 at the chemist. You might have to go to one near where lots of oldies live! This is actually an igredient in a lot of wind mixtures but straight it works wonders! Another thing you could try is 15ml of Peppermint tea in 100ml of cooled boiled water.

Hope this helps!
Thanks Tanith. I will give the peppermint tea a try first and see how that goes. He is so bad its like a lawnmower starting up.


Just another thought, I don't know if you still breastfeed or not but Ezrah has a real hard time after I eat dried fruit and fruitcake. There is also a massage routine for sore belies that I used on Ezrah when he was younger, if you're interested don't hesitate to email me. [email protected]
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