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Hot & Teething??? Lock Rss

I'm pretty sure DD is teething, from the unexplainable grizzling, wanting to be cuddled, more drool than normal (like puddles of the stuff), etc. The last couple of nights she has woken up about 3am hot. I took her top off and just left her in her singletsuit and pants. During the day also she seems to feel hotter than normal (her forehead), even though the weather here hasn't been very warm. I'm not sure if she's coming down with something or if anyone else has had this with teething...

Bayden has this aswell. I had to rush him to w&ch on thursday casue his tep zoomed upto 40degrees from a nrmal 35!
They took his stats, his heart was beating faster but he had plenty of oxygen, and his teeth r cummin in.
The docs said teething can make theri temp go up a few degrees but not that much.
I think its from teething though
hes got curry bum, a tumym ache, he a tooth thats popped through, he also wont sleep at from being hot and grizzling. His face is hot and the one place ive noticed is is ears burn. hes waking up at nigth with a 39 or so temp but i just have to give him a luke warm bath and panadol.
If ur worried take bubba to the docs but he will just say to give her panadol.
it works wonders, drops the temp by afew degrees and will help her sleep.
Bayden is sleeping in a singlet and nappy. with a muslin wrap drpaed over him and the ceiling fan on!
he wakes up 4hrs after going to bed all red an boiling hot. than im up all night with him

mum to bayden 25/02/05

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