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Silly Bub just playing or something more??!! Lock Rss

Hi. My little 15 week and 5 day old has been lately going cross eyed and laughing at it. He doesnt do it for long but it does worry me. Is he just playing with his eyes or is it something more?? Please help me!!


Worth checking with your CHN. I know my DD use to go crossed eyed if she tried to focus on some-thing too close to her face. I have never heard of a baby doing it for fun - pretty interesting. I'd love to hear if you do find out more about what he is doing.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi again everyone!! I dont have a CHN anymore she is too busy but I have to get his 4 month check up very soon and needles so i will check then!! Im glad other bubs do it too especially your pos as he/she (sorry forgot what sex your bub is) laughs at it too!!


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