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Surgery For Under 12 Month Olds Lock Rss

Hi All,

We recently found a lump on my 7 month old which doctors don't know what it is. We have seen 4 doctors about it - all of which have no idea what the lump could be - the last one asking us to come back for a further review in 4 months time.

We recently attended the RCH for an eczema clinic workshop and the doctors there noticed the lump. Thankfully they are the first ones to do something about it. Next week we are having an ultrasound done on it and then receive the results two days after - then we will know for sure if it will have to come out.

They advised us that it will be most likely that he will have to have an operation to remove the lump but this scares me to death - thinking that he will be under. They advised us that they usually wait until a child is 6 months old before surgery is perfomred on a child and that the RCH is the best place to be as they do surgery on little ones all the time.

I know he will be in the best hands at the RCH but it still worries me as he is still so small and he is my little baby.

Has anyone else had a child under one who has had to be put under for surgery? If so, how did it go and was it scary?

Luckiest Mum In The World

hi SAJ,

I found out yesterday that my son who is 9 months will have to have surgery on his forehead as its not flat, its points out if that makes sense? but like you the thought scares me to death. I dont even want to think about it. Seeing my lil baby being put out and operated on especially because its so close to the brain. they are talking around late jan/early feb just around his first birrthday at the RCH, like you said i know he will be in good hands as they do this procdure 30-40 times a year but the thought just makes me sick. So sorry i dont really have any advice for you but i know how your feeling! and too would like to hear if anyone else has gone through the same thing and how thye got through it.

All the best

2 yrs

Hi there,

My little one has to have a general in november to check out her Kidney. She has a duplex system. Although they are not cutting her open anyway it's still scary to think of her having a neddle to put her asleep. This is also at the RCH. Her doctor told us because she is now 9 months old she has the same risk as an adult having a general so i guess that is a little reasurring.

Good luck everyone.

Ella's mumma
I know exactly how you are feeling. My 14 month old daughter had surgery when she was 10 months old. While Ruby's problem was different to your sons I think the scary bit is the anaesthetic and the recovery period. I was most scared about her going under because I knew I could hold her and I knew I wouldn't want to let go, but it really does seem like they are just going to sleep, and the docs rush you out so they can get started. The next couple of hours is very emotionally draining but the hardest bit is seeing your baby for the first time after the surgery when they are in recovery. They are going through lots of emotions and they definately need a big cuddle from their mummy. (and I think Mummy needs a big cuddle from baby!!) They will be very sore but thankfully they tend to be quite drowsy and will go to sleep once they are on some pain management and in the comfort of your arms.
Just make sure that you are vigilant about any out of character behaviours when you bring your litle one home from hospital. You really can't be too careful after surgery. I really hope it all goes well for you. Keep us posted

when my daughter maddison was 2months old she had to be given a general anaesthetic for a MRI when the doctors put the mask on her face i had to hold but the tears then i tried to keep my self busy untill her doctor come to get me cause she was waking up. its hard but its for the best thats the way i thought at the time
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