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Whooping Cough Lock Rss

Just thought I'd put this one out there just for awareness. both of my girls have Whooping Cough and have been immunised! 3 weeks of a gut wrenching cough that turned my 3 year old purple and caused her to vomit each time she had a coughing fit, I was in search of answers! In those 3 weeks, I went to the hospital once, 2 different doctors one of those on 2 occasions and finally a blood test revealed Whooping Cough! So i thought it might be useful to post this for all to see and just keep in the back of your mind that even though your kiddies may be immunised against it, it can still hit and its very unpleasant not to be able to do anything for your kids except comfort and pat their backs! The hardest thing for a diagnosis is the fact that when they arn't having a coughing fit they are perfectly healthy - no raised temp and clear chests, so thats why it took 3 weeks for a diagnosis.

Bec, Jamison 3yr and Erin 3/2/05 baby #3 edd 3/12/

That is just terrible - you poor bugger. Do you know what the chances (odds/statistics) are of babies/kids getting it when fully immunised? I think this is an excellent post - important to know about this one.


DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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