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please help ECZEMA PROBLEMS Lock Rss

hi i have a 9 month old boy and he has had eczema since he was 4 months old i have taken him to the doctors and have gotten creams but they only seem to make it mildly better.
i was wondering if anyone has had the same problem and know of any good treatments they have use.

i am going out of my mind and spent hundreds of dollars on creams that dont really work!!!!!!
My boy has always been prone to very dry skin on his elbows and back of his thighs. Plunket told me to keep moisturising the areas with a fragrance free baby lotion at each nappy change, seems to work well when he has a flair up.

Good luck.

There is a balm called 'Pot of gold' which is great. I use it on my DD and it works very quickly. they have a website you can order it from.
Hi there i understand what you are going through. my son who is now nearly 11 months had ezcema on his face and the backs of his knees. we went to a skin specialist to see what we could do. he recommended dust mite covers on all the beds and his cot, no stuffed toys, using only bath oil and hydraderm cream. his ezcema is of course still there (unfortunately there is no miracle cream) but we have managed to control it with these measures. He occasionally gets flare ups so i use sigmacourt and dermaid soft 0.5%. I've been told that most babies grow out of it so im hoping thats true. good luck with your little bub..



Our DD has problems with her skin and we have been usng Dermaid soft as well and that seems to have helped her alot. The chemist said that kids usually grow out of it but since my DH and I are both asthmatics this could be a sign that she will have allergies later on. We also switched her bath products to Gaia natural - you can get it from Coles or the chemist and that has made her skin so much better. Hope this helps - goodluck


My DS has had eczema since six weeks (he's now four and a half). When it first appeared it was everywhere, all over his face, back, tummy and up and down his arms and legs. Over the past few years he's grown out of most of it and now only gets it in the creases in his elbows and behind his knees and occaisionally the poor boy gets it on his willy.

Ive found the only thing that works for him is to use the hydrocortisone cream (1%) until it clears and to help prevent flare ups we use the QV kids balm and the Gaia bath wash.

I was concerned about using the cortisone cream on him for so long but when I spoke to the chemist he said that long-term use is usually 10yrs or more and that's when the negative side affects can appear (not that they can't before that).

So for us the best thing to do is to keep using the cortisone when he has a flare up and to try to prevent it in between.

Karen, DS1 31/8/03, DD 12/3/07, DS2 16/12/09

For my children I swear by QV Bath Oil that is readily available from any pharmacy. I just put a capful in the bath each night and have never had any problems.
My daughter has had eczema since she was about 6 wks old. I make sure her baths are never too warm, never over dress her to make her hot, I use DERMEZE as an all over body lotion each night after her bath with Kerri oil in it and use Dermaid 1% two or three times a day on the flared up areas. I've been told a lot of babes grow out of it. Lets hope their right!!
thanks everyone i am currently using hydrocortosone cream
and bath oil and now the weathers getting cooler helps.

i have got it under control with your great advice.

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