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Jaundice in bub - your story Lock Rss

I was wondering if any of you have had a baby born with jaundice & if they needed to go under lights? If yes, would you please tell me your story about what the experience was like. I would like to know every nitty gritty detail including things like -

how you felt about the treatment [nervous/anxious/worried/angry etc]

how was bub when put in the isolette [calm, distressed, hysterical etc]

if you were breastfeeding how was this carried out - ie. was bub removed from isolette so you could b/f & if so how often did this occur, or was bub left in isolette & given EBM or formula in a bottle? if left in isolette & bottle fed who did this [you/nurse?]

did you have to care for bub yourself whilst bub was in the isolette? ie. taking temp etc

did your bub wear a nappy in the isolette? if bubby didn't wear a nappy did you or did the nurses clean up the mess or was it just left there?

did whoever set up the isolette know what they were doing?

Anything at all that you felt just wasn't quite right - made you feel uneasy?

what about bub being blood tested for jaundice?

how long was bub in the isolette?

I know this might seem odd asking you all to tell me your story about your experience with bubby & jaundice & the isolette but I need to know for personal reasons.....................

At this stage I'm not sharing my story/experience because I do not want to influence/taint anyone elses story. I will be sharing my story later though.

thanks heaps!!

Kerry, WA

My daughter was born on 30th June this year. She had an incompatible blood type to mine, so had jaundice. It wasn't extreme but still required time under the lights.

It was distressing for both bub and us. She was under for around 12-14 hours. She didn't wear a nappy at first because the bulkiness of the cloth nappies used in hospital can affect the lights getting to the skin and they have to spend longer under there. So a cloth nappy was placed under her and taken out when it was wet and dirty.

As for feeding, she was taken out so I could breastfeed her. (as the breastfeeding helps the jaundice levels to get lower)

She was quite distressed and kept trying to take off the "sunglasses" that she had to wear over her eyes.

Later on when the shift changed and we had a different midwife we were allowed to put a disposable nappy on her, and also to give her a dummy which helped settle her a little bit, but she still didn't like it much at all, and we were so glad when it was time for her to come out.
Hi Kerry,
My girl had jaundice diagnosed at 2 days. I think she had had it for 24 hours at least before a nurse who I knew came on shift and recommended we had her tested and put her straight on the bilibed as a precaution.
I was very upset and felt I was in some way responsible. I was also very angry because she had been sleeping for 6 hour stretches from the time she was born and was very very drowsy all the time, she was my first baby so I didnt know what to expect and I had told at least 4 different nurses about her long sleeps and noone had told me to wake her every 3 hours while she was so young. So I was concerned that if I had been feeding her this frequently from the start I may have been able to avoid or minimise the jaundice. I was also having trouble with the breastfeeding because she was so drowsy.
She stayed with me in post natal on the bilibed for about 30 hour, she wore a nappy only.. I was allowed to take her out every 3 hours for one hour maximum at a time for feeding and cuddles to make the feeding quicker I was expressing my breast milk and comp feeding her pre mixed formula the hospital gave me, until my milk came in at the end of Day 3. I went into a screaming rage at the midwives one night because I had just had her out for her hourly feed put her back in bed but then saw she was still awake wanted to feed her more I asked one of the nurses to give her some milk I had expressed earlier without removing her from the bed while she was still awake, when I came back 40minutes later the nurse had her out of the bed. I went off my rocker!!!
Blood test were Ok she slept through most of them. They let me take her home when her SBR levels were still moderately high but I had to come back the next day for follow up tests. She was clear after about 4 weeks.

Min, NSW, Charlotte 30/8/05

My son had jaundice but only slightly, we were told to keep him by the window because it is the UV light that fixes it they also kept checking his billiruben levels to see if it got any worse, which it didnt luckily. But they told me that if he did need to go under the UV lights that they would bring a Bed with the lights on it (dont know the fancy name)into my room and he could stay with me and that someone would come in regulary. im not sure if this was normal at the hospital i was in or if it was because i had a c section and lost alot of blood and couldnt get out of bed.

Sarah and Kai almost 1year 6 teeth and walking

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