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Hand, Foot & Mouth infection Lock Rss

My children are just recovering from a bout of HF&M infection, started off with a viral throat infection & developed into this. My baby has it on his hands & feet as well as in his mouth, and my 2yo only has in her mouth, (as she doesn't tend to chew her fingers or toes anymore!), just wondering if anyone elses children have had this & what did you do for their relief. Both kids have gone off their food (very unusual) & I'm bathing them in oilatum mixed with their bath water... seems to relieve a bit & has an antibacterial agent in it too.

always something to look out for, & when there's more than one child, they always both end up with each others illnesses!!!

OK, back to more sleep deprivation...seeya
Oh Taluma,

I feel for you. I hope you do get a good rest soon you do sound like you deserve it.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

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