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Hypospadius Lock Rss

my little boy is now six months old and we are heading off to hospital in three weeks time for him to have an operation to hopefully correct his hypospadius. i am really worried about the whole thing and am wondering how to cope with seeing my beautiful little boy go through all this. i'm confident the operation will go well, i just don't know how to handle the whole operation and hospital experience. any advice?
Just wondering if you could elaborate on what Hypospadius is!

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

PS Hope the op goes well though.

Amanda and Oscar (22 Feb 05)

You are correct with the spelling - thats been the least of my worries lately!! He has mild glanular hypospadias and needs to have his penis straightened and his little opening is being redirected to the end (where it should be). what the doctor has told us about what he is going to do to him is not very nice but its best to be done now. it has thrown all our christmas flights right out the window but we don't really care about that now. all we want is for our little man to get better quickly and hopefully without any problems.
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