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Help my baby cries because he's constipated Lock Rss

My baby is 3 and a half months old, he is on formula, Karicare 1(blue) infant whey dominant. He is suffering from constipation more so since he changed from 4 bottles formula and one EBM to the 5 bottles of formula. He can go for one day without any bowel action I know that's not long but I've seen how big the action is and he even once had a small cut on his bottom from it and he cries in pain, I've tried coloxyl drops but am not sure if its bad to keep giving it to him, and also trying diluted prune juice but it can be a struggle to get it into him.
Does anyone have any other ideas, I can't stand to see my baby cry in pain, what can I do??

Bianca, vic, David 9/8/05, Alexandra 6/5/96

When my daughter was six months and changed formulas she got bad constipation. I used coloxyl drops for a couple of months with no adverse reactions. My maternal nurse said to mix dark brown sugar into a bottle but I never tried that so I'm not sur of the quantities. What I found really helped was when bub needs to ge take off his nappy andbend his knees gently up to his tummy. It seems to open everything up. Also rubbing his tunny softly (maybe with some oil) i na clockwise direction. Even holding him upright on you so your body is applying some pressure to his tummy.
Hope these help
My little girl was on karicare and had exact same problem. I did try the brown sugar in water (1/2 teaspoon in 30mls). Try to get him to drink normal boiled water as well this really helps. You can also try Infants friend it has a natural laxative affect i found.
Hope this helps nothing worse then watching them in pain.

Rayleen, QLD, 2yr old baby

hey there my boy is 3 mnths an i 1st started him on the same stuff and had the same problem he was in so much pain so i put him on S26 infant an give him brown sugar 1ce a day an try 2 get him drinking boiled water an he seems 2 b better then he was..... i tried the colyxol drops and didnt think they worked like brown sugar. he didnt like the prune juice....


teaspoon of brown sugar in bottle shake well, also i found karicare and heinz made my bubs constipated, i have always used lactogen with all 4 after poor #1 was the guinea pig.

Some bubs just can't handle any other brand, I have 4 who were that way.

All the best i know that blood curdling cry and i used to bawl my eyes out as i held my little Zack

best of luck

boy 10yrs, girl 9yrs, girls 5yrs, boy 16wks

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