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can my 6/12 month have toast? Lock Rss

hello again
maybe another silly question,but i'd love to know what foods you give your babies.
so far she has beef/chicken (fish to come) with mixed vegies,grated cheese then purred,she hates rice cereal and she's not too keen on fruit either.even tho i try every few days and she might have a few tsps.
sometimes she eats custard i make.
but i have let her suck on my toast and she loves it.
any other food ideas?? i may have missed some foods above but any way i'd love to hear what you feed your babies. p.s she is around 10kgs

bye for now

mary.NSW 11 month baby

Hi Mary, my 9 month old loves toast and has done since he was 6 months, he has a sort of built in radar where toast is concerned, cos no matter where he is or what he is doing, the second the toaster pops, he's there, smiling and holding out his hands for his share. His fav is strawberry jam, then cheese spread then vegemite. He has even given fruit toast a go but is not real sure about the fruity bits. If your little girl is starting to feed herself, you could try her on fruit chunks like rockmelon (rockmelon is the flavour of the month at our place) it is nice and sweet, easy to chew, even without teeth and great for teething!! Plus bub can hold it herself. Good luck!

Kimberly, QLD

Hi Mary.
My son is 7 mths old and he loves toast.
I don't put anything at all on it. I just cook it and cut it in fours and he eats it all (and mashes it everywhere).
He has biscuits, muffins, thick pan pizza crusts, fruit wedges. When he sees food he wants it. He tries to grab spoon nonstop too.
I make my own food for him. Nearly every vege and grated meat and most fruits and I just mash up with fork and freeze. He won't eat meat and vege baby tins.(don't blame him,homemade is better)
Try baby muesli for breakfast just mash in some steamed fruit or some mashed banana.YUM!
hi there,
i gave my daughter toast at 6 months no worries but found that vegemite gave her a rash around her mouth so settled for apricot jam or plain butter
she loves those fruit sticks, sultanas,the honey jumbles biscuits from arnotts saos and also porriage made with formula (you can get flavoured porriages too my babies favourite is the strawberry one) hope you can try these
and also for juice wise try juicing some watermelon rockmelon and honeydew melon with a little honey my one loves it!

Tracey-daughters Enica & Krystal EDD 28/7/04

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