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Whats normal?? Lock Rss

Just wanting to know what u think is a normal break between bowel movements.

My 5mnth old can sometimes go up to 3 days between and the poor bugger starts to get uncomfortable. He has 2 meals a day and is breastfed. I am thinking about stopping the rice cereal for a couple of days and see if it makes any different to him.

Any feedback would be appreciated.



hi, my little one went 8days once, but was in no pina, but boy did he poo when it came! lol I went to the doc concerned and she said anywhere between 1 a day to 1 every 7-10 days is normal for any human being. my boy goes sometimes 4days or sometimes every day. If he seems in pain i give brown sugar and water but normally hes ok.

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

Hi - I have also found since the introduction of solids that Harrison does not go as often - it is normal for the bowel movements to slow down as they get older, but I too have found that by day 3 he seems to have tummy pain and gets very whingey!! He is fine once he has had a poo!!

I agree the rice cereal can constipate a bit, so fruit is good, I have added prune juice to the cereal lately too.

I think it takes a while for their little systems to adjust to the whole solids thing, I just know how much happier he is (and me!lol) once that poo is done!!!

SA mum, Lis 17/6/00 and Harry 19/6/05

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