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Won't lie down in bath!! Lock Rss

My 9 month old loves swimming lessons, will dunk his head, will lay on his back but put him in the bath its a different story. Don't get me wrong he loves to play in the bath but just try to lie him down to wash his hair and all hell breaks loose. Can't even dribble water over his head!! Up until a month ago there was no problem, is this a stage? When will he grow out of it?

Kimberly, QLD

hi gumboot, my daughter is just turning 1 and she still doesn't like to lie down in the bath. i guess its the enclosed feeling of the bath walls. i just try to have fun with her and play games, the counting 1 2 3 then pouring water over her head works, but there hasn't been anything to get her to lie down. they do grow out of it, but all babies are different and they all take they're own sweet time to do things. good luck.

lynette, WA, 12mth baby

try getting a baby doll for him in its own bath. You can normally get those cheapy babydolls in a plastic bath tub from cunninghams warehouse or cheapaschips. Encourage him to put the baby in the water and play with the doll, then see if he will do it. Sometimes if they see someone else doing it (even if it is a doll) they might do it also.

Goodluck. -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

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