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Dribble Rash?? Lock Rss

Hi all. I'm new to the forum and have had a great time reading through all the topics and replies posted. My 6mth old son, Reece, has developed what's been called dribble rash. I assume it is a type of eczma. I've been putting an ointment on recommended by my pharmacist which helps the redness. My question is how long will this last? I have heard it is a common rash for bubs when the dribble-fest starts but would like to hear some experiences from other parents.
Hi Tanya,
My 7mth old also gets a dribble rash, it's not there all the time but some days it is really angry looking, it doesn't really seem to bother him very much tho, i have been putting Bepanthan on it, (the local child /youth health recomended it) but im not sure that it does the trick, i asked my chemist but he wasn't very helpful at all, i think i might try asking another chemist and see if they can give me some advice.

Austinn's mum

Thanks - I saw another pharmacist who gave me egoderm ointment which seems to have helped. I just put a bit on the rash when Reece is asleep (so he doesn't eat it as well). The rash seems to have precluded a teething bout. Reece wasn't well all weekend with fevers and generally being unwell. Is your son teething as well?
Hi Tanya,
Yes my 7 1/2 mnth old has his 2 bottom teeth, he has had them about a month and i think the others are on the move, every few days he will have red cheeks then one day he will have dribble rash and the next nothing, we noticed when he cut the first 2 that he went off his food, especially the bottle, for a few days, i virtually had to force feed him, i used to put a bit of mouth paint in his mouth before feeds which helped, (mouth paint is the form of teething gel i use). At the moment he is off his food again and today his cheeks are really red so weather anything is happening now or not i don't know. Isn't it frustrating don't you wish they'd just tell you if their mouth is hurting or anything else for that matter, you just want to help them but you don't know where to start!!!

Austinn's mum

Just another cream the GP recommended - Paw Paw ointment. It is really sticky but natural and has been working well for us. It also smells great.

Sarah, NSW, 9 month girl

Hi Tanya,

my bub is almost six months and dribbling heaps and too has a noticeably red rash under her chin. I use SIGMACORT on her neck, purely because my GP-OBS suggested it when she had prickly heat rash on her face when a newborn. I gathered that if it was so effective clearing her face it would clear up her neck. And Presto, it works a treat. I dont see the point in purchasing many brands just because someone suggests another type. It just gets too expensive.

Goood Luuuck

nance 1st mum 30/01/03

Thanks for all your info/advice. The rash comes and goes on Reece but is nowhere near as bad as it first was. I have the papaw ointment which I use for nappy rash - didn't think of using it for the rash on his face! He's still happy and healthy - I think the rash worries me more.
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