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I have five kids. 1 has never shown any trace of eczema, 2 have little bit of problem, and 2 have a moderate problem. Luckily none of them have been as severe as their father was as a small child.

I was wondering if anyone would like to list their moisturisers, ointments and the like for those who are only just starting to struggle with the problem.

Most of the control with mine is avoiding certain foods, as I have been told that this accounts for less than 5%, then that won't be helpful.

I was told to use sorbolene but DD would scream and when I tried it on DH he toss it in bin. Now as a moisturiser I use Dermaveen on the kids. In the bath tub I use a cup of the cheapest rolled oats in a stocking (can get more than a dozen to the pantyhose). When DD's hair became longer I had to use shampoo and had a lot of trouble (had to give her a buzz cut to get cortisone on scalp) as the one from the chemist especially for eczema caused problems. Thankfully Dermaveen now puts out a shampoo and conditioner so she can have nice hair like other little girls.

Robynne-69 DH-61 DS1-94 DD1-96 DS2-99 DS3&DD2-04

Hi Robynne,

We use QV Kids Balm for a moisteriser (Dermatologist said its better than sorbolene as has less water content therefore moisterises better)

For flare ups I use Elidel which is working for us now (didnt initially).

For eczmea once taken hold I use Advantan (steroid cream).

I am mostly controlling by avoiding foods as well - plus have removed all mats, cushions & covered the couch, car seat etc with cotton covers - since I have done that - no eczema!

Havent found a shampoo to use... We use Pinetarsol in the bath.

Suz, NSW

We use cetaphil in the bath and cream twice a day. I kinda use mind of matter too because I tell her the cream helps her feel better because it says" go away sore arm"... at least it stops her scratching for a little bit. If it's really bad I use the dr's prescription.

I've heard great things about oats and paw pawointment too but haven't tried them.

mAy all yOur wiSheS cOmE trUe...

hi there

when i was a child i used to get eczema on my feet. i remember it being really sore, itchy, cracked, and sometimes it would bleed. My mum tried alot of things on it and nothing really worked - except dr's prescription - Betnovate 1/2 strength cream. It went away after i used that for a couple months (i was about 7 then), it came back when i was starting high school for a little while, but cream soon cleared it up and i havent had it since. I also used to soak in pinetarsol in the bath when it was really itchy. I know it smells, but really helped.

Hi, my boy has bad eczema on his torso & on his scalp. I'm at the stage where I'm about to buzz his hair off so I can get the cream on, until the doc gave me another script for a lotion... haven't had it filled yet, was only other day. He's been referred to a dermatologist, 22nd Dec but am willing to try anything before this appt to hopefully cancel appt!! I'm using advantan when it's really bad, and a BodyShop Hemp cream to settle it when it's not too bad. I find when he has nurofen it flares up... He can't eat zucchini, and now I've worked out weetbix isn't that great for him either.
I bath him in either oilatum, or pintarsol gel, & that seems to soothe it, I also apply the cream when he's still damp. I've changed washing powders, (today), so hopefully things might clear up soon.
Duck5lings... what purpose does the oats serve? I haven't heard of that before. Maybe I should try it, and I'm also going to get some Dermaveen also! note to self... REMEMBER!!!!
I am using the Avent body & hair wash on his hair, but I wonder if I should use something else (will try dermaveen).
Anyway, still trial & error on him with his eczema, his older sister had it too, but not as bad as his gets. Hers cleared up by 18mths, but had to avoid potatoes (easy for her, she won't eat veges!!), but can eat some now, just not too much.
thanks for the thread... was thinking of posting something myself.
Hi, one of my sons has severe eczema and none of the others are showing any signs (touch wood). He definitely had it as a baby, but it got really bad after he had chicken pox at 15 months. His skin has been terrible ever since - now he has eczema from his neck down and pretty much everywhere. He used to have it in his hair, but it seems to have eased.

My husband and I have tried everything...... my husband had severe eczema too as a child and his mother had him on Betnovate 1/2 strength too which apparently worked well on flare ups.

Anyway, while nothing has really worked for longer than a couple of days, here are some of the things we've tried.....

- Sorbolene
- QV wash, oil, lotion
- Dermaveen wash, bath stuff and lotion
- Hamiliton's Dry Skin Treatment wash, oil, lotion
- Lotion made with Soft Liquid Parafin made up by chemist
- Advantan, Advantag Fatty and most other cortisone based creams
- Wheat and Dairy Free Diet (no change, in fact it has been worse I think because now he won't eat foods he previously liked ie. soy yoghurt, cheeses etc)
- Flaxseed oil which is basically omega 3, 6 & 9
- Evening primrose oil (applied to his skin like a moisturiser by piercing a capsule - but now that he's older I could just give him the capsule)
- children's echinaeca
- Medi honey eczema cream
- Wet bandaging
- air conditioning on
- air conditioning off
- Sensitive washing powder, detergents etc.
- Poloramine, Phenergen, Claratyne 24 hr
- everyone and anyone's eczema remedies
- and the list goes on and on and on............
- and I think the dermatologist isn't doing enough so now I have to go back to my GP to get a referral to another dermatologist who'll probably want to start the whole saga all over again.

Now, in the middle of all these lotions and potions is a 3 year old boy who scratches and itches all day and all night and just doesn't get any relief. The nights at the worst for him, he wakes up screaming and won't resettle for a few hours even after giving him oral antihistimine.

What more can be done? We are at our wits end and I think he is too because it now effects everyone in our family (except our 3 month old twins who sleep through it all somehow).

I welcome any more suggestions - someone else has told me about Emulsifying Ointment from the chemist, so I've ordered it in too.

Hi there

Yes, I have 2 sets of fraternal boy/girl twins. My son's twin has lovely olive skin and not a trace of eczema! The babies are similar; one has olive skin and the other fairer skin. As a child my husband had eczema, asthma and allergies - so far we've only seen eczema in the one child and not a sign of the others (both sets of twins were conceived naturally, which is usually most peoples next question when asking do I have 2 sets of twins!)

A number of times I asked about allergy testing but like you, the dermatologist said it only accounts for a small percentage of eczema and also that it's unreliable in under 5 year olds. Research on line concurs with that but it's still frustrating so I went to a highly recommended naturopath/iridologist (I am not normally into natural therapies as I think that wheat and dairy free is a bit of a buzz phrase at the moment) anyway she said that because he also has a very hoarse voice it's due to build up of mucus on lungs from dairy and that within 3 months I'll see a different boy. We're only 6 weeks into it, but so far no change in anything, if anything, it's gotten much worse.

I don't see any links to food setting things off as his daily diet is quite similar, but the flare ups are occuring more and more often. He was never big on commercial baby food - I think only banana custard here and there and by the time he was 1 he had only family foods.

I believe the nearest Allergist is probably in Brisbane - and I know that's he's not taking anynew patients until October!

I'd heard about smoking too (isn't it linked to just about everything these days???) but he lives in a smoke free home. We do have 2 outside-very short haired dogs but my husband who has severe allergies to animal dander is not allergic to them and my son isn't that interested in them at all.

Not long after he had chicken pox at 15 months, he changed daycare centres (18 months) so perhaps this could also be a contributor although I don't know what it could be as for the past year I have provided all linen/creams/wipes etc, etc and we live less than 1km away from the centre. He's 3 years and 1 month old now.

I think my husband grew out of his eczema and asthma by the age of 15, but the allergies still bother him. I'm not hoping for a miracle and that my son's will be gone, I just wish we were able to control it in some way. At the moment, nothing works.

Reading your post, I went back to Dermaveen and then wet bandaging plus antihistimine tonight..... I have found a good reusable bandage Tubi-Grip it comes in different sizes and looks a bit like an athletic support bandage. Anyway, I had alot of problems with my back/pelvis etc while pregnant and the physio had me wear Tubi-Grip around my stomach for support 24-7, but they make it in much smaller sizes, so I got a metre of D for his legs and a metre of C for his arms then you just cut to the size you need (he's only a little guy)

Thanks for your reply - if anything works I'll post again! Sam

my 7 mth old has just been diagnosed with atopic eczema and my partner was the michelin man because of it for his first 3 yrs. i talked to a skin specialist and she said to avoid sorbelene because it is usually lanolin based and most have scents or alcohol in them which will sting alot. try vaseline (once a day) and egocort (twice a day) which is prescription and 1% cortasone which is a steroid. it isn't as bad as the old version (it use to thin the skin) because it has a lower steroid content now. also try avoid hot or realy warm baths because heat brings the blood vesils to the serface and opens the pores which starts an out break try to stick to cool or straight cold water baths. i hope this helps, i have only learnt this in the past 2 weeks and bub is 100% compared to what he was like before i started all of this. also avoid soaps, bubble bath and any thing with perfumes or vitE.
Good luck


i forgot to add before to try using PURITY laundry liquid. it is dermatoligically tested and bub hasnt had a problem with it yet its a bit more expensive then powders but it is worth it. it also comes in a softener and is in the laundry section of most woolies or coles stores, in a blue bottle.
good luck again


Thought I'd give you another update on Addison's eczema..... after a week on colour/dye free equivalent of Redipred his skin was gorgeous, barely a blemish, didn't have to give antihistimine during night, in fact he didn't wake up during the night at all (first time in about 18 months) - all this with 2.6ml of Redipred in the morning, a lathering with Dermoveen Lotion after bath and Celestone Cream at bedtime. Not bad!

Well, since finishing the course of Redipred (ie. baby cortisone liquid) his skin has gone back to the way it has always been as I don't think the 7 day prescription was enough to 'break the itching cycle'. Although he is happier to have us put lotions and creams on now - perhaps his skin isn't as sensitive to touch now?

We got a referral to the other dermatologist in our area for a second opinion and guess when the first available appointment is? August! Great!

I agree about the life I want for my child (Duck5lings) - I want to break the cycle of itching for him and do anything I can to help him. So if that means more oral redipred and cortisone creams, so be it. He's a much happier, healthier boy when he's not itching, scratching and tired from being up half the night itching and scratching his skin to bits.

How's everyone else going?
Forgot to mention no one fall into the trap of taking advice to use nappy rash cream on eczema. I had two differant so and so chemists advice a couple of nappy rash ointments and low and behold as they contain ingrediant to dry skin it made the eczema worse. Not to mention I now have two products at $10 each that are of no use to me. Wonder if they told me that just to make extra sales. Not going back to them for help ever.

Kel, Tas, mother to Ryan 5 mnths

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