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4 month old grunting??? Lock Rss

anyone know why they do it???? he seems frustrated.

My 4 month old has started grunting too, I think it's just a new noise she's discovered she can make!
I think that was about the time DS started grunting when he was pooing. he's been doing it ever since.

The good thing is that we know exactly when to change him.

We tend to have a laugh about it, sometimes, it's quite funny to watch.

its normal for a 4 month old to grunt, my 3 month old son has been grunting since he was a couple weeks old.
Mine doesn't grunts he growls. When my son has been growling since he was 3 mths old. He is 10 mths now and still growls when he is not happy. When he is happy he purrs. I joke that we have a pet kitten.

Like blueginger, my DS growls and has been doing it for a few months now. He too has learnt to use it to tell us he is not happy about something. As little as they are they are not silly........

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