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lump in her Breast Lock Rss

My daughter is 6mths old and has a lump in her Breast (under her nipple). The doctor i saw said it MIGHT be a gland and it MIGHT go away or it MIGHT not (very un heplfull). Has anyone else had a problem like this? I hate to think she has started growing one breast already or worse a tumor.



Not sure if this is the same thing but both my daughters had what the CHN said was mastitis in both breasts. They both had a hard lump under each nipple. My youngest didn't clear up till she was 4 months. The CHN said it is caused by the mothers hormones passing through the womb and then through the breast milk.

If you suspect it isn't this perhaps you could tell your doctor that you want to know what it is and demand that it be looked into. Personally I feel that any abnormal lump needs an adequate explanation as it is possible that it could be something to be concerned about.


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Hi there,
My 8mth old girl has a similiar thing. It's not so much as a definite lump but more like excess tissue under one nipple, it doesn't seem to bother her and the doc told me not to be concerned, that it's probably just hormonal. What concerns me is that she's almost 8mths old so any pregnancy hormones should now be out of her system and I had not been able to breastfeed due to my breast reduction surgery so it's not my hormones I'm feeding her. When I told him this he still didn't seem concerned but I'm not sure if I should take her to someone else....sorry, no answers from me....
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