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hates cowsmilk? Lock Rss

hi well my daughter is neally 11mths old and i have tryed a number of times to wean her onto cowsmilk but have had no sucess she hates it i know you arnt meant to till they are 12mths but my mum had us weaned at 6mths so i dont think it really matters anyway.
i water it down i have tryed it with just the pentavite,vanilla flavour and with milo i have tryed at all her different feeding times and she still wont have a bar of it she hates it she has it in her breakfast no worries but wont drink it.
does anyone have any other ideas of what i can do?or is she never going to drink it? any advice would be great thanx
have you tried weaning her with half formula and half milk then gradually add more milk over the space of a week or 2 or if breast feeding maybe try the same with expressed breast milk.
i dont think that its because she is too young my daughter was weaned at 7 months.
good luck

Tracey-daughters Enica & Krystal EDD 28/7/04

Hi Twinkletoes,

How did you get on with your little girl and the cow's milk dilemma. Please let me know. My little boy is nearly 12months and too dislikes cow's milk (to the point where he tries to make himself gag!!!) I have also tried various suggestions - milkshake, add vanilla essence etc but nothing works. If you have found out anything, please don't hesitate to contact me. I would greatly appreciate this.

HF, NT, 10mth baby

hi thomas well i am going to give it another go this week i am going to try adding abit of cows milk to her formula and gradually increasing it and i will just have to see how we go with this one have u tryed this with your bubby? if this dosent work i have no idea how i am ever going to get her to drink it so if she dosent take to it this way i dont think she ever will i have tryed so many things already i will let you know how we go ok if you get any ideas i would be very greatful if you could through them my way. seeya
What about soy milk?
hi well my daughter is now drinking cows milk straight of the bottle she went to stay with her nan for a couple of nights and when she came home she was on cows milk she had just given her straight cows milk not watered down or anything and it worked so very happy about that and so much easier.
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