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Sleeping on Tummy Lock Rss

Kai has been rolling from back to tummy for about 5 weeks but ove the last 2 weeks he has been sleeping on his tummy but i get scared a roll him back over but then he just rolls straight back over again can i leave him to sleep onhis tummy or not?


I so feel for you - scary isn't it !!! My DD has been doing it for some time now. At first we use to roll her back (after freaking out) which was pointless. She would either roll back or wake up and we would get no sleep out of fear she would smouther. I even tried wrapping her legs and sleeping bags but she would still get over.

I ended up calling the SIDS people as it really bothered me. I totally recommend talking to them - made me feel a lot better. Other than the general information for making her cot safe, they said that babies will find their own natural sleeping position. All I can do is put her down (on her back) and she will wriggle and turn until she is comforatable.

We are a lot more comforatable with it now, although I seem to check her more regularly - I can't help myself.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

hi well both my girls slept on their tummys from a few weeks old, I would put them on their sides as they both had reflux and brought up alot of milk at random times throught the day and night, once they learned to move they always ended up on their tummys, with my oldest it was the only way i could even get her to sleep and my youngest just prefers it, now my 3yr old and my 9month old both sleep on their tummys every night.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

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