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Green Poo Lock Rss

Hi, my bub is 5 1/2 months old, I am breastfeeding and haven't introduced any solids yet.
Every now and then he has dark green poo, not runny more lumpy ( gee isn't this a nice subject!) and I was just wondering if it could be caused by something I am eating. My partner thinks it could be all the apples I eat (granny smith) but I am not sure? I was actually wondering if it could be caused by eating sushi?
Any ideas would be appreciated, Thanks.
Max's Mum

mum to two gorgeous guys

Hi Nessie
As far as I am aware green poo is usually cause by iron. I think if you search this site you will see quite a few emails on this as I do remember reading them once before. Not sure if you eat a lot of iron but that from what I know is what makes poo green
Other mums might have an idea whether sushi can do it as I am not sure about that

Mummy to Joe and Maggie

Another possibility could be breast feeding related. DD use to get green poos. A friend told me it was a sign of 'wind' which wasn't quite correct in my case although belive it can be an indicator.

For me I wasn't really thinking about which boozie I was using. It meant that some-times I would start a feed on the 2nd boozie when the first wasnt empty. In general they said if feeding or topping up within 1-2 hours start on the boozie you last finished with. Believe it or not I use to forget which one I last fed on - LOL. Its easier now as I can actually feel the difference.

Anyway, once I concentrated more and got my boozies under control (ha ha) the green poos were no more and the colic started to settle too. May not be the case for you - gosh I can chat !

: )

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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