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"Buried Penis" Lock Rss

My 4 month old son, Joshua visited the Health Centre yesterday and the sister labled his Penis as a "Buried Penis", both the GP and the sister told me that it was because he is so big, (9.4Kg or 20lb 12) and chubby in the groin area, but after looking up the term on the internet, I've gotten myself all worried. Has anybody else had the same thing and it has all turned out ok, once the chubbyness has gone. Please tell me it will be ok!!!

Jess (Aug ''97) and Josh''s (Aug ''05) mum

Hey Sharelle, i have sent you a preply int he subject BIG BABIES, as i wrote before, Mitch doesn't have the prob as he is a small build, but the doc checked it out before he was doen and said if they have a short one or are chubby it can cause probs, get it checked by the doc that did it to be on the safe side and you'll know for sure, it hopefully is nothing to worry about!
I didn't go into detail with this post as the other one is being checked so i must have wrote something in it they have to check!!!
Good Luck!

kelly, NSW, 4year old and 2 year old boys and expe

Hi sharelle
I too have post a reply in BIG BABIES tonight (but it came up as saying it went to the moderator and it will be posted in 72 hours)so I won't re-write everything I wrote but my bub has the same thing going on as yours by the sounds of things smile
when i went to the doctor at Kayden's 3/4month check up and was weighed and everything by the doctor. The doctor said to me that he might end up with a "buried penis" because he was a CHUNKY BUTT - i went "WHAT??" she explained that it would just get buried in the baby fat and i wouldnt need to worry about it too much, just make sure i clean the area well because its easy to get nappy rash from skin rubbing.

Thankfully he didnt get flabby bits down there, but i dont think it would have been a problem. I think these doctors shouldnt say things about babies being fat or chubby etc, because there is nothing wrong with it - as long as they are healthy! GAWD some people, just dont know how offencive they can be. I had a CYH nurse tell me my boy was too FAT when i weighed him the other week and he is 10.5months and weighed 10.5 kg which in the blue book the hospital gives you, that is right in the middle for his age! i dont get it, they are all big bullies and dont really care about any one's feelings.... ignore them, he will be fine! you are doing the best you can and he is HEALTHY!

Leia -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

Hi Sharelle,

Yep !!! Have EXACT problem with my DS who is now 6 months. Actually took him to a peadiatrician (can't spell)!!! Coz I was so worried bout it (no, DH was more worried than me)!!
And his words were after giving him the once over "let me guess, your worried about mr no dick"!! UHHA! He said that coz hes so chubby down there its holding it in, and he poked it out and said see, when you push it out it's actually a good shape so you have absolutley nothing to worry about. Its weird though, poor little fella i keep thinking every time i change him, just keeps sucking back up there gasp) My girlfriends son was the same too, hes now 8 and has a perfect doodle !
Anyway hope all is well,



Mel, SA, 2002, 2005

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