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3 month old with chesty cough any remedies?? Lock Rss


Does anyone have any remedies or ideas how to get rid of a chesty cough in a 3 month old?? She started with a runny nose then had croup now chesty cough and lots of snot smile

I have had her to the hospital but was told it was virus so I have tried saline drops, vaporizer with euculyptus, lifting mattress up one end, sleeping sitting up on the lounge with her. She is wrapped up all the time and is still feeding fine (BF), but still not getting any better.

My 5 yr old DD and 2 yr old DS have it as well and i'm just getting over it.

Any ideas would be great

[Edited on 03/06/2008]

Just keep feeding her. Breastmilk is best. What I did with mine was to put him over my lap tummy side down, with his head slightly down and with cup hands pat him on his upper back where his lungs and chest are. (This works on your 5 yr old and 2 yr old) This will help loosen the phelm. Babies that age can't cough out the mucus or blow their nose. You'll need to help discharge it. Coughing and sneezing are good for her to get them out.

Continue to keep baby very warm. It's hard with one sick child let alone 3! Take care.
hi my little one is 10 weeks and was just diagnosed with bronchiolitis.. he's on ventolin and ammoxyl.. i use the vicks vaporub for babies (pink lid) - put some on under his feet also and also fess for his nose.. the chemist said he can have panadol for irritability but he throws it up.. he wil keep down nurofen but i have been told to try dymadon instead of the panadol... hope this helps.. also i do the back patting as suggest by blueginger

put vicks on the soles of feet and put socks on stops coughs, but i dont know if it will work on a chesty cough, I just tried that this week on my son who had a dry cough and it worked perfectly.
i have a similar problem with my daughter.
she has just gone past 5 weeks and she isnt coughing but sometimes when she tries to breath it sounds like she has flem in he chest and she has trouble breathing which is really worrying me. but the child health nurse said its nothing to worry about.

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