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teething and refusing food Lock Rss

My 6 month old daughter has her first tooth coming through. She's had it for a while now, but lately she has been refusing food.. She's an active baby, and use to eat alot! Is this normal??? Also, how can I get her to sleep more during the day? she will sleep from 9pm at night all the way through till 7am or 8am. she will get fed, and go to sleep till 12pm. (sometimes even 1:30pm), but then she won't sleep till 8 or 9 pm... My husband wants her to have 3 2 hour naps a day, so them we can get her to sleep 18 hours total.. But how many hours of sleep should she have at this age???

my email is [email protected]
Hi Jennie

It's pretty normal for babies to get a bit fussy with their food when their teeth are coming through.

As for your daughter's sleeping habits, I wouldn't worry too much about it. She obviously nows the difference between night and day - clever girl smile !!! According to Karitane (sleep clinic) 6 month old babies generally are awake for 2.5 - 3 hours and have 2 - 3 day sleeps. My son was having 2 day sleeps at that age - he was (still is) sleeping through the night 7pm - 6am. Now at 9 months old he is starting to only have one day sleep of about 2 hours sometimes he still has 2 it just depends how tired/energetic he is. As they get older they need less sleep. Is your daughter content during the day, or does she get tired? If she's quite content don't worry, you can't make her sleep if she isn't tired. If it's really worrying you maybe talk to your child health nurse or one of the sleep clinics. Just remember all babies are different and don't always follow the 'rules' tongue!!! Hope this helps.

My 14mth old daughter has 8 teeth and still gets fussy with her food when another tooth comes through. Think about how you feel if you have a tooth ache. Usually the only thing Madison will eat is mash potato, custard or yoghurt if the tooth is bothering her.
Hi Jennie.

My daughter Ella (now 9.5months) also became really fussy when her teeth were coming through.. she plainly refused most food for a few days. I found pureed fruit straight out of the fridge would get mostly eaten... i think the cold was nice on her sore gums.

Ella's also never been much of a sleeper, just little naps during the day(usually a total of 2-3hours during the day and 11hours at night). she's a little better now, usually still only doing 11-12 hours at night but sometimes has 3-4 hours in 2 sleeps during the day.. you never can tell though, some days she'll only have an hour. I tried everything to make her sleep longer with no success... if you manage to work it out i'd love to know what the secret was!


Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

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