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farting(what modest word could i use) Lock Rss

My son is six months old. I started solids about three weeks ago.He does not poo often at all.He recently went two weeks and then did the most smelliest unusual looking one.the clinic nurse said that breastfed babies can go this long.It had red streaks right through it which puzzled me but she informed me nothing to woory about. I am curious though to know what the streaks of red are if anyone else has some insight on this.
But along with this my son has started to do the most smelliest farts and is quite embarrasing.Is it because he is not so frequent with bowl movements???
Hi jacks mum

I would get a second opinion from another CHN or your doctor. It is normal for babies who are exclusively breastfed to go 2 weeks without pooing but once they are on solids I think they should be pooing more frequently. I know banana can cause red streaks in baby's poo, it can also cause constipation - I don't know if your baby has had banana or not. I hope this helps.

Take care

I was told that babies on solids can go quite a few days without going and that its completly normal. One baby from our playgroup only goes once every 10 days or so.
I don't know bout the red streaks though.
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