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HELP baby not pooping Lock Rss

have you ever heard of a baby going 20 days with out pooping? He is b/f only and is very healthy.. His belly isn't hard and when he does go it isn't hard it is normal b/f poop.... His ped say's he's ok but I don't like it at all.......


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Hi mommy2!! geez 3 weeks without a poo. I would be worried too!! I don't know if you know anything about reflexology, but my nurse showed me a spot on my bub's feet that when you rub, it relates to his bowels. I know a woman whose bub didn't poo for ages but after massaging the spot on her bubs feet, th bub pooped in a matter of hours!! hope this has helped!! is your bub showing signs of discomfort relating to the constipation?? good luck

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He's not pooping brown... I don't remember me saying that.. He is pooping the right poop for a breast fed baby....He's just not regular....Sorry for the misunderstanding..


No I haven't heard of that but I will definatly look it up and try it... Thank's alot!


I was always told that if the baby is exclusively b/f and nothing else - not to worry if they don't poop for a while. The health nurse told me the record for a baby not having any poops is one month. If baby is having lots of feeds and is happy/healthy don't worry. I know that sometimes it's hard not to worry, but it sounds like everything is fine smile

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I have heard that if babies are solely breastfed, it isn't uncommon for them to not poo for about 10 days ... but 3 weeks seems a little out of the ordinary to me:) good luck ... i think you should give the reflexology a go! Hey, i re-read your post, and you didn't mention anything bout the colour of the poop!! not sure where tonipie got that from ... maybe replying to a diff post:)

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Hi mommy2

In the book 'Babylove' by Robin Barker (a midwife) she says it's normal for babies who are soley breastfed to poo only once in a three week period. My child health nurse has also told our mother's group the same thing. As long as your baby is still having plenty of wet nappies and isn't in any discomfort there's no need to worry. Hope this helps.

Thank you! I needed to hear that! He finally went today.... You wouldnt believe what that child can get out...Ha ha anyway thanks alot...


All this help is great I am glad you heard of this because I haven't... Although his doctor did tell me not to worry.. I haven't found anywhere on the internet that tell's you anything over 10 day's... Thank's again! Stacie


Glad he finally went. Its amazing how much poo they can store up for such a little bubby. I found with my son if I gave him some cooled boiled water that helped if he was starting to get a little uncomfortable by it all.
Once you start solids be careful about feeding him too much rice cereal as it can make them constipated, and pain usually shows up in the early hours of the morning. I've found that pears helps my son if its been a while since a good flush of his system.

I too had only heard that 2 weeks can be the case for b/fed babies but nothing over. But then sometimes our little darlings are anything but text book babies.
After he went did he go a few times over the next few days? I know Liam did.

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No he just went that day.. But he made a mess of himself! I can't get him to take juice or water... He is a picky boy. I keep trying to introduce new thing's to him. He seem's like he's just not ready.. I fill up a bottle and let him just play around with it. He takes it in and out of his mouth but once he taste what's in it he spit's it out. He's a hand full! I do notice he get's uncomftorable when he has to go.. But no hard poop's just regular.. I will try the water again... Thank's Stacie


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