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Routines and weight issues??? Lock Rss

My child care worker has told me to give Lilian an extra bottle during the day. The thing is she just wont take it. Shes 3 mths, has 4 bottles @ 150mls. Sleeps anywhere between 21/2 hrs - 3 hrs. Sleeps @ least 8 hrs @ night. I have tried increasing her bottles to 200mls. But she just vomits. I've tried to wake her every 2 hrs to get that extra feed in. But then she just refuses her next feed. The child care worker doesnt want me to wake her up during the night. You see shes had problems with her weight. When i was breast feeding she was doing really well for the first couple of weeks, but then she wasnt putting on the weight. So the child care worker suggested putting her the bottle. We did. And now shes doing well again. But the child care worker still isnt happy. She weighs 10lbs4oz (4660 gms) @ 3 mths. Lilian is a very happy little girl. And becoming a chubby one @ that. I feel its now time to listen to what lilian wants after mucking her for the first 3 mths of her life. Any one have any suggestions or been/going through the same thing?
Hi Heather
Bub should know what SHE wants and if she healthy and happy I wouldn't force the issue of another bottle. What weight was she born? I would strongly suggest to see a GP or another CHN and get a second opinion. Was your first daughter like this too? Not that they should be the same but it may help to remember back. You should listen to your gut as you're her mum and she'll tell you if she needs something more. My little man is having 5 bottles a day but by 3 months I was testing solids out on him too. Maybe after seeing someones else about this ask if you can start on solids. She may want then or not but she'll let you know. Just remember to trust your gut as you know your bub best. Good luck smile
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