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Laryngomalacia aka floppy larynx Lock Rss

Our son was born with laryngomalacia (as well as other health probs). He has had an LBO and supraglottic plasty performed for this.

His breathing is still very noisy. We were told he would grow out of it. Peoples reactions are starting to get very tiresome!

Just wondering if any other parents have children with this. When did they grow out of it? Has anyone's child had the supraglottic plasty done? Did you find it helped or made any difference?


Jess - Deklan 2005, Gabrielle 2007 & Campbell 2009

Hi Jumble_bob,

My little man is 4 1/2 months and has the same thing and im soooo sick of people telling me my son is sick!! Its driving me mad...

My pede told me that most kids grow out of it by the age of 2. I cant wait till that day as I feel like a bad mother with all these people thinking Aiden is sick!

Now when people say it to me I just say its just a health problem he was born with it and he will grow out of it!

Sorry I cant be of more help!


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