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Changing Nappy Hell! Lock Rss


Im going crazy my 8mth old baby boy screams and carries on like im killing him! When i go to change his nappy or get him dressed why does he do this and is there anything i can do to make him sop this behavior! Its getting to the point where ill just leave him naked most days!

I feel so bad and i hate doing this to him but he needs a nappy and clothes as we live in canberra and its cold?

Please help

Hi, have you tried getting him to "help" by getting him to hold an item of his clothing or something like that? Or just giving him a toy to play with to distract him from what you are doing?

Hi Sarah, my son is 10mths and still carries on when he gets changed, I don't know what to do to stop it either. He is crawling so makes it even more difficult especially when you have just taken his nappy off and he traipses poo everywhere! I have just been trying to distract him by propping him up against the lounge and putting on the TV or some music and giving him a toy or rusk and just get it done as quickly as possible.

It is not nice hearing them scream their lungs out from the simple task of getting changed is it. I guess it must be a boy thing...

Sarah, I feel your pain!!! Your baby is not the only one who does this. My twins went thur this at nappy change time at around 11-12 mths and it was hell, but it doesn't last forever I promise you!!!!
Is it that he doesn't want to lie down? One of mine hating lying down, so we resorted to changing him standing up, (you soon get good at it) another option is giving him a "forbidden" toy to distract him (cellphone, tv remote, your watch...anything he normally isn't allowed). You could try small stickers or a piece of sellotape on his hand, he'll try to get it off, hopefully giving you a few moments to change/dress him, or put some spring pegs on his clothes for him to get off.
These are just a few suggestions I've seen/heard of for this problem, we had to do standing up changes and holding our boys shoulders between our legs (their bum faces away from you) in order to get things done, but as I said this doesn't last forever.
Hope you find a solution soon!!

Oh that doesn't sound good, iv tried toys and it works for like a couple seconds so i get his nappy on , but i get to the clothes and starts to scream he crawling too and dries me crazy and thinks its funny when im trying to catch him to change him!

I just feel really like screaming myself when im changing him! At night time my partner and i are both holding him down sometimes!
I really do hope he grows out of it. I feel like the worst mum as a couple of times all i wanna do is give him a slap! BUt i stop myself and just walk away and think will he can just have a nappy on!

I loke the sticker ida im going to try that next! Got to go get some first!

Babies are smelly too!

Don't feel bad about it, they all do it. Imagine this happening...... DS3 (5mths) having a very loose dirty nappy and you needing to change it and him, you are at the hospital visiting and your DS2 is very tired and wants to be carried and you can not put him down at all. The only place you know of a change table is in the toilet in the Antenatal clinic. So in you go, put DS2 down and put DS3 on the change table, all hell breaks loose. Both are screaming at top of their lungs, as it is a small hard walled room it is echoing.... Oh that was a fun nappy change, NOT. As I walked out I looked at all the Mummies waiting for their appointment and said "Now is everyone wondering what they have go themselves in for? It not normally that bad." The receptionist just laughed and asked how the kids were going.

So just wiggling is a breeze I think after that.

BTW I use a toy and have a poster stuck on the wall next to the change table and we count as I change.

currently being updated please check back later.

Ok so another round with joel at Lunch time! But i figured it out i gave him his tooth bush which he loves and i do believe i won a round with him!

1 point to me! Yay

Im hoping by the next children joel is toilet trained!

Hi sarah,
My DS does the same thing, must be the age smile I usually give him something to hold that he's not normally allowed to i.e. the remote or our cordless phone. Perhaps it's a bit naughty to give them to him but it keeps him from crying or trying to crawl away.
If I'm at home in our lounge room I sometimes put on a Wiggles DVD and this sometimes helps as well.

My daughter is 6months and from the moment she could have an attitude she cried when i dressed her or changed her nappy.......i know she is just playing up......and i have just started playing up too..i will mock her back to her and mimic her crying and i play peek a boo with her arms through the sleeves and just simply tell her to cut it out or even just try and make her laugh, and some days it works and sometimes none of it works. It used to get to me but now i just ignore it and do the above. You cant let it worry you. Its really just tough shit, they cant go naked when they are older so they have to learn to get dressed now. And Under no circumstance is she going to throw tanties over getting dressed and get away with the mum shes the baby. I make the rules.

I dont think thats harsh...beside s i think most of the time she is just playing.

I give her of the little battery operated night lights (it is in the shape of a bear.) This distracts her, as she tries to turn it on. I can get a nappy changed, and then dress her, changing the light from hand to hand once she gets an arms through the armhole.
hope this makes sense!
ERR His just getting worse now he thinks its a game and as soon as i get on the floor to change him he starts t laugh and runs away!

Iv been trying everything, he just wont sit still little bugger but im going to win this haha ill get him to sit still when it comes to his nappy change. ( i know im going lose but shhh! )

His 9mths and i swear his going on 12mths his so injtense and his trying to walk now help me!

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