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Thermometer's Lock Rss

Has anyone got any thoughts/information on which is the best thermometer to use? I have the under arm one's at the moment but would really like to get the ear one. But my DH has been informed by someone that the ear one is no good as it always reads 2-3 degrees different. Does any one know if this is true? Then if this is true as this person swears that it is then why do medical staff use them?

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I believe the under arm ones are the same in terms of reading difference. But while I was in hospital my baby needed checking as well as me (she was a little cold when she left SCN) and they always used an underarm one on her. I wanted to buy an ear one but I figured the amount I was likely to use it didn't justify the expense and if the underarm one showed a bad reading I could take her to the doctor.
I have an ear one and have read and been told that they read about .3 higher max.
havent had any dramas each time i have done it
you need to test the same ear each time though which i am sure it says in the instructions
We have a Braun ear one and it is excellent and well worth the money!! You can take their temp without waking them and it reads the temp fast and accurate too!

With the difference in the ear temp you will find the temp is different in each ear pretty much always...DH, a nurse, said you take both ears and average the temp. The hospitals here and doctors all use the one we have so it's good.

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Hi I have an under arm one and It always reads low on Conlan my 6mth bub. I think it is cause he wriggles so much, i did it on me and it read a little low on me too. I paid $20 for it so not very happy. Im going to get some of those teddy ones. Ive never been worried about Conlans temp so it hasnt mattered the thermometer is bad but i need to get those teddy ones just in case.


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