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Excema - which washing powder do you use? Lock Rss


Just wondering what washing powder you use. My son is 7 months and only in the last month has he broken out in excema. I've been told to look into 'soap in a nut' anyone have any recommendations.


My DD only has mild excezma and we use Dynamo, its the fabric softners we've found cause her a problem... maybe its because they are not rinsed out of the clothes.
Hi there, for bubs clothes you could try using Lux soap flakes and as for a softener I use vinegar and water 50/50 and no it doesnt smell like fish and chips but does make clothes soft. I also add a drop of eucolyptus oil (just make sure its shaken everytime before use) or lavender oil.

I have moderate eczema as do both my boys.

I use a liquid called PURITY...have used it for years. It is available in all major supermarkets and is usually on the top shelf. It has a picture of a baby on it.

Hi - there is a lady in qld who makes laundry balls - they are chemical free and you just chuck them in the washing machine - if you go to you should find all the details there. The initial outlay is $65.95 for two balls (which are reusable) and the pellets you put in them (they are made of natural minerals which clean the clothes). It works out around 30c per wash (as it is supposed to do 240 washes) so thats probably about the same as detergent anyway! Good luck hope this helps
Hi, I ahve 3 children, my mother always told me like the other person to wash babies clothes in Lux. I have found it fantastic. Another thing which is great for bathing your baby is a soap called "Nutters Dairy Soap" which can bought from Nutters,in melbourne. I bought some for my cousin who has a baby with excema and very sensitive skin.She said it was great. I hope this helps.

I use OMO sensitive (my son has excema). I was using Amolin and Purity previously but now use OMO sensitive. Also I use Sorbolene (with 10% Glycerol) and QV Bath Wash. Basically anything with fragrance is not good for the skin - ie most "baby products".
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