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mums cold passing on to baby Lock Rss

Since my baby Allan was born on 3/3/03 I have had a head cold twice. I had not been home from hospital long when I had my first cold, I just put it down to being tired due to sleepless nights. It didn't seem to affect Allan. I have just recovered from my second cold and this time Allan seems to have developed a blocked nose, he quite literally rattles in the nose. He seems happy enough and doesn't have a temperature. My doctor said when I visited him for my cold that because I am breast feeding I shouldn't pass it on to Allan, seems this time he got it wrong. I really don't want to go to the doctor with Allan, I have infant Panadol at home but I don't think using it will alleviate the problem. Have any other mums had a similar situation and what treatment did they find the best.

Lynn, Forest Hill Qld

Hi I passed a head cold onto my baby when he was about the same age. I was so worried I ran off to the Dr's like an idiot. He confirmed it was a head cold and asked what I had given him. I confirmed I was an idiot when I told him all I did was panic and called him for help!!! Thankfully he has been my Dr for years so we both had a laugh.
He suggested nose drops Otrivin junior and Euky Bearub (which is like vicks) both of which are available from the chemist. He said to try to let them be during the day and to concentrate on the night with all of this as if you or the baby do not sleep the whole house will be miserable. You can also use a vaporizer in the room or I have just seen today a product advertised called "Breatheasy" which you plug into the power socket. The ad said Breatheasy was available from major department stores. Keep on eye on their temp and keep them out of the night air. I bathed him in the day instead of at night. You can also use Demazin but my Dr didnt suggest this.
I have been told children generally pick up bugs from other children not adults but my baby did get my cold as I was the only one who had it.......Good luck.
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