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hi there,
our beautiful bubba is 5 mths today.we want to get him circumcised.has any one got any tips on caring while healing,stories etc.?
also we live in hervey bay QLD,does anybody know of an excellent doctor to perform this as we have been told not to get it done here.brisbane children's hospital maybe? has anyone been here? look forward to your replies

maree and brock the rock
Dont know of anyone who will do it here hon, you might have a bit of trouble finding someone these days, especially whilst there is nothing actually wrong with his foreskin, usually they only do it for medical reasons these days.
So Im not too sure, Maybe try calling the Mater Childrens, they might know more about it..
Good luck tho

Tem,QLD, Mummi 2 Jords, 26mths, Tirra, 14mnths

I know it is a long way away but you could call John Flynn hospital in Tugan(gold coast)they do it on tuesdays but they may be able to give you some numbers of doctors that still do it!
Hope this helps(i have a DD,but i have friends that have told me this)
This topic on here may draw some negitive comments,but just ignore it's your bub & your choice!

Hi Maree, there is a doctor in Mount Gravatt Dr Terry Russell. He circumcised my boy. I think that any boy circumcised in Brisbane in the past 30 years has been circumcised by Dr Russell! He is about the only doctor in Brisbane who will do it. He also has a website

This will give you all the information you will need. If you follow all of Dr Russell's instructions your boy will have a hassle-free circumcision.

Good luck.


I'm also in Hervey bay. We got our son circumcised by a doctor in Maryborough. He is the only one in the wide bay that does this. He was great, however with him they had to be done by 6 weeks of age, after this age I think you have to wait until they are 6 months and they get put under.
If you want to email me to ring this doctor or to find out who he is and where about in Maryborough do so i don't mind at all.
My email is


hi i want to my little boy done aswell,but they have stoped unnesscery circumcision unless it is an emercay,or if you are with private

We had a little girl this time - but if we do have a little boy later down the track we would like to have him circumcised as well.

I think it relaly does depend state to state. We conceived in NSW however when we looked into it there - no one would even discuss it with us - it was like it was a dirty word however when we moved back to QLD it seemed to be a lot more flexible and we knew of several places where it could be done - I would just ring around and speak to the professionals - as many as possible to get an impartial opinion.

Let me know how you go! Aletha

Arianna, Reagan & Oakley

Hi Maree,
Like they say each to their own.To some people they believe its cleanliness why they do it and to others who dont believe in circumcision its just easier for their dads to teach them how to clean their penis,instead of having to go through any pain.


Jane,FNQ,Brandon 9yrs,Jayden 3yrs,Joshua 9mths

Can anyone recommend a Dr in Cairns or Darwin that does circumcisions? Due in 2weeks and will need to fly to either of these towns to have bubs circumcised as our little hospital doesnt do it.

Thanks for your help.

NT Mum, Keely 23/4/04 & EDD 26/4/06

Living in NSW on the mid north coast I cant help many people out. My ob/gyn was going to circumcise our son, he has a good name and asks no questions he does thouroughly explain all the pros and cons of the procedure he leaves the decision completely in your hands. He only performs the procedure on boys up to 6weeks, ive heard you can get it done at John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle after 12 months.
We were going to get our son circumcised because thats what is done in our families, but being born with hydospadias we couldn't get him done. After he turns one he has to have reconstructive surgery, he will look circumcised but technically wont be the foreskin that he has is used in the reconstruction. It means full anesetic and a minimum of 4 days in hospital, this is the bit I worry about! Linsley is 12weeks old his appointment with the surgoen is tomorrow. Even if we didnt want him cicumcised he would have looked it!
We went from choosing to have him circumcised to him needing full on surgery. He is healthy and everything does what it is supposed to for now, he had an utrasound at 3days to make sure the condition didnt effect the rest of his uriary tract system which it can but it doesnt.
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