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enlarged kidney Lock Rss

hi my name is catherine i am mum of 2 boys ,my youngest 7 month old alex has an slightly enlarged kidney, hes had it since our 18 week scan, he has had tests done its the ureter running from the kidney to the bladder the top bit that pushes the wee down hasnt metured proply, its not bad hes healthy and has had no infections .hes going for the same test at 11 months hapfull it has gone down or they will think of operating. i would love to here from anyone whom has the same problem my email is [email protected]

hi i was wondering if your child had one or two kidneys .
I have a son that was born with one kidneyand they say that he has Chronic Renal failure and Reflux Nephropathy.
They will not do very much for my son they are just waiting for it to fail. So sorry here about your child but lest your child has two kidneys to play with.
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