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Nappy Rash Lock Rss

My first born never really had problems with nappy rash, but my second born is getting really nasty looking reoccuring nappy rash. Is there anything you can suggest I do or any product that might stop it or reduce the harshness of it?


I've found that sudocream works well on my sons nappy rash. I'm not sure if you still can get them, but I got some in the baby box from coles when you become a member of the coles baby club. If not then I have seen it in Target.

I also noticed that using non scented wipes helped a little too.
You can get Sudocrem or even Curash cream or powder work well - anything high in Zinc does the trick. My son gets a red bottom so I went back to just using cotton wool and water to wipe his bottom during changes. They are all pretty much available at Coles, Woolies/Safeway. Sudocrem is a bit more expensive at about $5-$8 (depends where you are).

Erica (son over 1 year)

i found a cream called desitin that you buy from the chemist the best for nappy rash. my sister has 4 children and she put me onto it as it seemed to work for her. it is thick like zinc and puts a protective coating on the skin . its probably a matter of trying a few and whatever suits your baby.

kaz, qld, girl 2, boy 4mths

Make sure its not thrush, if it is use canestan . You can tell if it is thrush as there are a lot of spots & lumps in the red area which "satellite" out. ie lots of spots closer to the bottom but then they thin out as they get further from the bottom, and you see just a few here & there , if in doubt see your doctor.

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

As a natural remidie to nappy rash, allow your baby to spend time without it's nappy on, this allows it to air out. It worked better than creams for me.

Jacqui, SA, 10 1/2 mth girl

I have to agree with that...babies like the freedom of not having a nappy on anyways. smile

renee, qld, 9 month old daughter

Try an anti fungal cream such as canestan with plain white zinc (mix a small amount of both together before applying - or use alternately at each nappy change).

Even if it isn't thrush, i find the anti fungal to be great for nappy rash that doesn't let up. I only need to apply it maybe 3 or 4 times before I notice a huge improvement.

If you use cloth nappies and the anti fungal cream doesn't work, maybe look at the laundry products you are using. Some nappy soakers and detergents can be harsh on babies sensitive skin - even those that are targeted for babies. Canestan also have an anti fungal laundry liquid you can put in your wash.

Pinetarsal in the bath is good to. It doesn't smell very nice, but is very effective and soothing.

Mel, mum of Joshua 8, Maddison 5, Hailey 5 mths

I feel the best thing to do is to air the area for at least an hour each day. I do this just before bath time.
I live in the country and it can get very hot out here. My biggest concerns are dehydration and nappy rash because of the heat. Here are a couple of other things that you may like to consider that may help. I use huggies nappies only. I find that they absorb extremely well, not like other brands. I also change nappies regularly to avoid rubbing and irritation. In regards to creams, I used sudocream which I found really good, and I am using curash cream at the moment which is fantastic. To help try and get the rash under control, make sure you use extra when applying to the area, then you can use sparingly to avoid rashes when you have it under control. Just remember the cream is a barrier cream which stops moisture from settling on the area and causing inflammation. Hope this helps.Good Luck!

Cristina, QLD, 6 mth old georgeous girl

My 4 mth old baby is still having problems with a red rash under his neck. I've tried curash, sorbelene cream, even hydrocortisone cream. I would prefer to use something natural can anyone suggest a natural remedy please.

Amanda VIC 4 mth baby

My daughter also has a rash under her neck (from dribble and milk running under there). I'm not sure of any natural remedies. I just try to keep under her neck as dry as possible. When i bath her i pull her head back a bit so i can gain access to that area, and give it a good sponge down, again making sure you thoroughly dry the area afterwards. I do the same in the mornings over the bathroom basin.
You could try some pinetarsal, and sponge him with a bit of that, i'm not to sure how natural it is though, you would need to check with your pharmacy.
I have found since the weather has cooled down a little, my daughter's rash has eased off a bit.
Your local health food store could probably recommend something, they have a great range for babies rashes etc.
Have you tried doing a search for natural remedies on the net??

Mel, mum of Joshua 8, Maddison 5, Hailey 5 mths

hi daughter went through a nappy rash phase. we were using johnsons baby anti-rash powder (the most expensive powder out of the johnsons range) and johnsons baby nappy rash treatment cream but my daughter still suffered from heat rash. Expensive products dont necessarily mean they are the best!! My friend suggested using the other johnsons powder that contains cornstarch and also suggested 'paw paw ointment' which can be purchased at pharmacies in the baby section and it designed to soothe and treat nappy rash.
i hope this has helped you..take care!!!
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