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Ear Infections Lock Rss

Hiya to all mummies,

Just wondering if anyone else has had their bub with continuous ear infections sad . My poor son only has to cough and i know he will end up with another ear infection. Its no help that his older sister is in preschool, and obviosly brings these things home. She can cope with them, but he can't seem to shake anything.

He is 10 months now, and been on anti-biotics 6 times. I try to avoid them, but he does eventually end up in lots of pain.

My Dr has also suggested another hearing test for him at 12 months, seeing as he has had so many infection.

Just wondering if anyone else has been thru anything similar



DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

hi tepe! well my daughter has had a few ear infections due to fluid in her ears when she had her first hearing test they found the fluid and everytime she got a runny nose i knew she would get an ear infection and had to go on antibiotics but she just recently went and had another hearing test about a month ago and we got the all clear hearing is great and fluid has gone for now so was very happy about that but every time she pulls her ear i always get worried about ear infections.
they are horrible things for them to go through as they can be very painful for them as i know myself i used to suffer from them also when little.
has your son got fluid in his ears?
anyway good luck hope everything picks up for him.
Hi Tepe,

My first son was exactly the same from around 11 months old. It was terrible seeing him in so much pain and he was always on antibiotics that eventually even the strongest sometimes didn't work and then he had to have a second lot in a row.

It also affected his balance, when he had a ear infection he would fall over a lot more and if we were in the car for 1/2 hour or so he would vomit. My doctor told me this was common with ear infections.

Finally at 19 months old he was put in hospital for grommets and touch wood we have had no problems at all. One grommet is out and one is still in, I have to get it checked in a few months time to see if its out yet.

Good luck, its terrible when they are sick all the time especially when you know ear infections are so painful for them.

Also I went to the health food shop and bought some Acidophilus powder which I put in my sons milk or juice. This just helped put back the good bacteria which the antibiotics killed. Otherwise they pick up everything and anything.


Tracy NSW, 2 boys, 4 and 2


My son had 12 ear infections up to the age of 10 months the ENT put Grommets in his ears at 11 months & we saw a dramatic improvement as I hadn't had a whole nights sleep for 10 months.He is now 5 & 4 sets of Grommets later & addinoids & Toncils out he is a antibiotic FREE kid.(Thank God) as he was on antibotics for most of the first 2 years of his life.
My daughter has had Grommets at 10 months she is now 18 months & we are waiting for her addinoids & Toncils to be removed.HELP it is so herreaderety.
They both have hearing tests every 6 months & so far no hearing loss as thats what the Grommets are mean't to do stop hearing loss.

Good look with your little boy & hope he feels better soon

Hello everyone. Tepe you sound like me when my son was around the same age. He would finish one course of antibiotics in the morning and the runny nose would start in the afternoon!!
This just went on and on and on............ we did see an ENT (ears, nose and throat specialists) who wanted to operate the next day with adenoids out and grommets in. This really freaked us out as there is a very, very, very small chance of a fatality but a chance all the same. We went back to our chiropractor who did seem to help. We had a break of a few months but noticed Calebs speech was slow. He would start to talk and then stop. He started throwing really bad tantrums as well. We decided this was caused as he still had signs of glue ear which means he cant hear properly which means he cant repeat what he cant hear. Then as he cant communicate he was getting really angry and frustated. So back to the Drs again who advised to wait a few months and then if his speech did not improve they would send him off for a hearing test. But within a month we had another ear infection which meant the Dr decided Caleb was to return in a month and if no better than the surgery. So then we got serious. We took Caleb to see a homeopath/acupuncturist. He advised Caleb was a child who produced a lot of mucus which meant wheat and dairy would aggravate the condition. He suggested we take this out of his diet which we did. He also did acupuncture, with a laser not needles, and said that Caleb had no energy so was unable to fight any infections. He worked on his engeries for a few visits.
Well let me tell you we have a new little man in our house!! He has started talking again, he has not had a BAD tantrum and no ear infections. He was still at 20 months having 2 sleeps in the day but now only has one good sleep. This is the case for the last 2 months. We noticed a difference after 3 days of no wheat or dairy but after 2 weeks it was amazing the difference in him. Caleb even got a cold which only stayed with a runny nose, no temp or ear infection. I found a great post under Toddlers - Caring for your toddler - EAR INFECTIONS by darlene. In this site I have spoken to other mums who have taken wheat and dairy out of their childs diet and noticed a huge difference. They too had the ear trouble and asthma. If you get a chance have a read the diet discussions starts around page 2 however darlene the lady who started it did take her son to a homeopath who changed her sons diet much earlier in the peace. She did tell us how great the results are but we didnt put 2 & 2 together until months later.
I also spoke to a Naturopath who asked if Caleb had thrush. He did have oral thrush when he was around 10 months yet again from antibiotics. She said the oral thrush can go up your nasal passage into your sinus and ears and stay there dormant and when you get a cold or runny nose the thrush takes over causing the ear infections. She even suggested perhaps Calebs constant ear infection could be from thrush in his ears that has not gone away which kept flaring up??!! So I also started Caleb on probiotics which I just mix in with his goats milk.

Anyway its all food for thought I guess, but as I said if you get a chance check out this site as it does have some really good advice and of course complaints (LOL) which lets us all know we are not alone.

Having said all this I have known a few people who's child had grommets and they do seem to work. I have nothing against anyone choosing this option, I just like to try other things if I can before surgery. I am not judging other parents, it is just my personal choice.

Good luck.
Hi Tepe,

My two sons have both had grommets inserted and adnoids out. My eldest also having his tonsils out. I had absolutly no problems with the operation. They both were fine and surprisingly well and happy after waking from the anastetic. It is a minor operation and takes about 10 minutes for the grommets and adnoids. I would highly recommend a visit to an ear nose and throat doctor. You will need a refferal from your gp. Both the boys had cronic ear infections for months and after having the grommets, they haven't had one since.

There are many choices when it comes to ear infections but I advise to seek them all before making your decision.

Also, while your son is having the antibiotics, I suggest giving him some Yakult once a day to keep the good bacteria in the gut. Antibiotics can cause thrush, runny stools and pains in the stomach if taken over a long period of time.

Goodluck with your decision.

Hi Everyone,

THANKYOU so much for your replies and stories.

After all that reading, i really need to digest a lot of it and go over it again. So i will be back with some replies and questions soon.

On the ENT specialist, my dr wants to wait and see how he is going at 12 months, then she will make her decision if he needs to see one or not.

Janeen, thanks i am going to go read about the dairy and wheat thing now.

THANKS again,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Back again,

Ok, so the grommet idea is on hold for 2 months, till he is one, so that is not totally discarded. I have no probs with an operation, IF my drs think it is necessary. My daughter was going to have grommets IF there was any fluid in her ears when she was already having a tongue operation. She had just had an ear infection, but it was totally clear on the day of the Op.

I must say, fortunately for me and my son, that his have never been as extreme as most mentioned, but i have always got him straight onto anti-biotics. Which is what i want to stop.

Janeen, Is there a non dairy yoghurt available? What other things can i use, if i try to cut down on some of his dairy? I will admit, he does eat HEAPS of dairy, so this can't be helping.

Thanks again, for all your stories, and any more ideas will be greatly appreciated,

Tepe smile

PS Dr didn't perscribe any anti-biotics today, so i will see how the next few days go...

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Tepe, Caleb can have goats milk. so yes there is soy and goats milk yoghurt available. The homeopath also said he can have milk solids just not the big drink of milk, feed of yoghurt and cheese type of thing. We also use soy margarine which we all eat now. I cant taste any difference. There is goats milk and soy cheese and the other day I found in Coles soy cream cheese which Caleb really liked. The homeopath said Ricotta cheese is fine. I also found soy custard which is really yummy and there is So Good which is like ice cream but made with soy. You can also get soya cream and sour cream.

Caleb also had a heap of dairy as ever time he got sick he wouldnt eat so I would try to make sure he at least had a bottle so he had something in his tummy. In hind sight I was making thing worse for him.

With the wheat we buy the Country Life wheat free bread from Woolworths. You can also buy pasta made from rice and corn. Caleb can have ryvita and rye cruskits. He can have the rice cakes and biscuits. I buy the gluten free sausages and woollies also sell gluten free cheerios but they call them little frankies. Of course he can still have rice. I also found at Woolworths a pocket bread type of thing which are made of corn flour. I was shocked how many other types of flour there is...........rice, potato, barley, rye, millet, maize, besan (chickpea) and soy flour. There is a brand of sweet biscuits called Freedom Foods which have wheat and dairy free biscuits which are really nice. Caleb can have gluten just not wheat. We have an excellent health food shop near us which has everything known to man. I am not sure where you are but they have a web site

I hope that is enough to start with but if not please just let know. As I said before you will notice a difference in 3 days so if it is going to help say within 5 days you should know.

Good luck!!
Not related to ear infections, but Bec, can you email me honey, I lost your email address. i deleted the new one instead of old one and just realised it. DER! I've been sending you emails for weeks to the wrong one!

Hi again Janeen,

Thanks again, you seem to be a wealth of information. wink I use to give my daughter that soy cream cheese too, mainly for variety, so i will be trying it again. Lots of ideas for me to consider now, Thankyou!

I will let you know how i go,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Im interested in this ear infection problem because Im worried my boy will have it because I had problems when I was a baby so I am very wary if my boy goes through the same thing. I feed him his bottle lying flat once a day, will this contribute. What are the symptoms?.

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

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