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dribbling Lock Rss

My friends 4 1/2mth old lovesssss to dribble andhas developed a rash on her neck. She was given cortisone medication and although it cleared it still comes back. I haven't experienced this with my baby so I can't offer any advice. Any advice or suggetsions would be appreciated.Thanx.
I have just cleared up my sons dribble rash on his face with paw paw ointment. It works wonders, but if you do try it be careful as some people are allergic to it.
Good luck

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Just another suggestion....I use curash powder when it gets bad, and so far it has been great.

My son seems to consistantly dribble, so he lives in a bib, so i know what you mean!


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My daughter used to get a rash on her cheek caused by the constant saliva from having her fingers in her mouth. We found vaseline worked wonders, as it provided a barrier between the moisture and the skin.

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Just wondering if the dribbling is due to him teething?? My 6monthold also had the same problem, especially on his eczema-prone skin. His dribbling was definitely because of his new teeth sprouting out of his gums.! I am currently using Teething Relief drops by Brauer. It really helps. Just 1ml every 4hrs is so effective. He dribbles a lot less now and I dont see him put his fingers in his mouth, which means less risk of getting cold germs! I also put a clean bib on him at every wake time to soak up any just in case. Just a suggestion. smile


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