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Can anyone suggest a way to get rid of cradle cap from 7 month old DD who has lots of hair?
when my DD was a baby she had a fair bit of cradle cap too and alot of hair. we tried moisturising, baby oil etc but nothing really worked. we brought some cradle cap lotion from the chemist (sorry i dont remember what it is called) but it cleared it up after about a week. im pretty sure it was about $8, a small white bottle with pink writing on it. hope that helps.

Thanks for that info smile
We tried sorbolene cream every night after we washed dd's hair (she had it VERY bad) and it cleared up in just over a week. Hasn't come back at all either. Home brand cream and everything!
Good luck!
we did the sorbelene cream too. Worked a treat...
Hi there
We had cradle cap with ds who had lots of hair, we tried olive oil paw paw cream which removed the crusts but we had to do something about the redness which he had and nothing helped. So doctor gave us a prescription for a lotion called elocon and it dissapeared in 2 days. The other lotion other post was talking about is called Egozite, that one gave my ds a reaction , they put sylalic acid or something like that in it with olive oil, but worked really well for someone else i know.
I still use olive oil to keep it at bay.Good luck Reni

my son had cradle cap and i used vaseline. It got rid of it and it hasn't come back.
I simply got the vaseline and rubbed it into his scalp (and not his hair) and left it on for a few hours...i then brushed it off with a baby soft brush and it slowly came away.
Think I might try that vaseline trick, can't believe DS is 7 months old and cradle cap is worse now than when a newborn.

let me know if it works for you.
As you brush, you will notice dandruff like pieces in his hair...looks like he got sunburn on his head and it started peeling.
It took a few shots but after leaving the vaseline on for a few hours and then brushing it off, it did work!!!
The only thing is, vaseline is so messy and oily..but give it ago.
Would love to know if it works for your DS as it worked for mine!
Instead of a brush,especially for persistent patches, I used a plastic nit comb to gently remove the flakes after washing DS hair. Worked a treat.
I used Paw Paw ointment on DS's head after trying absolutely everything else and the cradle cap fell off over night. Then it was just a matter of getting the dry loose bits of skin out of his hair, just lots of brushing and finally it all came out.

My DD is & months and doesn't have it flaky but its yellow on the scalp what do i use to get rid of that??
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