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First cold Lock Rss

at 6 1/2 months Liam has just gotten his first cold, caught it from dad, and as a first time mum I'm wondering if what I'm doing is right.
I've got a chest rub that I put on , checked with chemist its ok to use, plus I'm giving him baby paracetemol (chemist brand). As he's very nasally and sleeps with a dummy he's having a bit of trouble breathing at night and has been waking up every hour for his dummy. But then he can't breathe properly so he spits it out, its a viscous circle.
Is there anything else I can do for him or give him to make it go away quicker as I dose up on the vitamin c when I've got one to kick it quickly.
He hasn't gone off his food and isn't demanding extra breast feeds ( 4bf plus 2-3 solids).

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Hello Kristy,
Dosen't it break your heart to see your baby sick? My 9 month old when a little younger was a bit snuffly in the nose I purchased a saline solution nasal spray over the counter at the chemist for a few dollars which worked quite well however getting him to sit still to spray it is a bit difficult. I always ask the Pharmacist questions as sometimes I find they offer better advice than doctors these days. Good Luck.

Vic, 3 y.o boy

Hi Kristy

Lachlan's had a couple of colds so far - he's nearly 11 months. All I gave him was paracetemol to bring any fevers down and to make him a bit more comfortable. It's hard as they can't tell you if they have a headache or any other aches and pains. His nose was never too blocked - thank goodness, however a couple of the babies from our mums group have had pretty bad colds and the mums used saline spray from the chemist and said it worked wonders. Just give him lots of extra cuddles if he's a bit clingy and hopefully it will soon pass. It's horrible to see them sick though sad

All the best, hope he's better soon
Hi Chukkas

My bubs got her first cold at 6 months of age and it felt terrible! I wished I had got the cold instead of her. I gave my bubs infant Dimetapp only when she was really uncomfortable and offered extra breastfeeds even if she wasn't demanding it as I was told to keep up her fluids.

Hope Liam feels better soon.

Good Luck

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Hi scorpion
I got some of the nasal spray yesterday as well as Nurofen for childen. So as well as the chest rub last night he got the spray up the nose, plus some Nurofen. He only woke once at 4am so I gave him some more Nurofen and he slept til 8am. I started putting the chest rub on his back too.
This morning he's still a bit sniffly but is much better and so far has been down for 2 hours with his morning sleep.
Thank you every one for their advice and help.

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Liam's just about over his cold now. Little Bugger has since passed it on to me. Probably gave me too many kisses, but I'm not complaining.

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Hiya. For about $40 you can buy a steamer from the chemist - you fill it with water then there is a section for the Oil (inhalant fluid). My one is a TAAV brand I think and the inhalant fluid is the chemist brand. This works wonders during the night to help you breathing - and we even put it in our room when hubby and I have colds.

Good Luck.


Deb, Edmonton, Hamish 26/03/03 Toby 16/03/05

Hi Chukkas, Ezrah had his first cold too last week. I was putting esential Eucalyptas oil (safe for kids) in his bath. Just three drops. I was also using Eucy Bear Rub. Plus, as he stopped eating, I was giving him watered down juice and as much of the Heinz baby Gel as he would eat as this is full of vitamin C. All in all he cleared up quick and now that he's had one I'm sure his immune system will have an easier time with the next.
Thanks Deb,
I have seen vapourisers, Vics has one out at the moment fo about $45, but as we're on one wage money's slightly tight. I borrowed a friends last year when I had a chest infection and it was useless for me, but I might see about getting one soon.
Thanks for the suggestions. He just seems to have a sniffly nose now and really you only hear it when he's feeding as his nose is right up against my breast so it sounds worse than it is. Last night he was back to sleeping 12 hours again..

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