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what to do for diarrhoea Lock Rss

my 9 month old last week had an upset stomach and the first doctor said he was getting a cold which I didn't beleive. 2 days later after every bottle ended up in the nappy I was worried my baby was going to dehydrate, went to another doctor for a second opinion said it was a virus that many babies have at the moment.
Poor thing was screeming from nappy rash I had tried several creams powders and vaseline, his butt was red raw!! for which I got a perscription for a cream, nearly a day later almost gone....thank god!

So to get to the point, if any other babies out there with the runs due to this virus ( please seek diagnosis from medical practitioner, I'm not a doctor ) I thought I would share with you what I did, stop giving formula or any dairy products, doctor advised me to give diluted apple juice 1 part to 3 parts water and gastrolyte I used an effervesent one where I just put the tablets into his bottle. Also a traditional method we use in our family is to boil some rice and feed baby the water used to cook the rice however I chose to dilute this also. As for solids I just gave my baby some bread or dry toast rusks and rice formula mixed only with water....2 days later he is drinking formula again...all good.

Vic, 3 y.o boy

Hi scorpion,

Glad you bub is feeling better. I was interested in the rice water. Can you explain the benefits or reason for giving bub this. Is it only for when they're sick? Just curious, as I havent heard of it before.


Pamela, SA, mum to Lisa 23.10.03

Hi Pamela,
Sorry for my late reply I haven't logged on in a while, Yes only when baby is sick adults can have it too basically your drinking the water which is starch, aparently it settles the stomach to prevent number 2!. Basically just boil some plain rice in lots of water once rice is cooked feed baby the strained water or you can dilute it if you wish. Sometimes old traditional methods I find better than modern medical ones.. Thanks for your interest.

Vic, 3 y.o boy

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