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Very unhappy 5 week old baby Lock Rss

Hi all. I have a totally unsettled and unhappy little girl. We have had problems from day one with head/neck pain, but now the problems seem to be tummy related. After some feeds (not all) she is in incredible pain and screams and screams and screams for around 1-3 hours. During this time she is pulling up her knees and flailing her arms like a wild animal. The pains seem to come in waves/spasms i.e she'll get a pain and scream, then it goes and she calms down and relaxes, then another one comes and again she screams and then it goes. At the peak, they're so close together that she just screams all the time, then the pains get further and further apart until she's relaxed enough to sleep. Five out of seven evenings a week it happens (roughly) and sometimes at other times during the day but not with so much severity.

She is also extremely unsettled at times during the day - she will grizzle and cry and won't go down to sleep, or she'll go down for 10 minutes then start crying again. She fights sleep - everytime she starts to fall asleep she wakes herself up by moving herself or fighting to keep her eyes open. It takes a lot of work to get her to sleep when she's like this - rocking, jiggling, shushing and often I have to stroke her forhead and basically shut her eyes for her - then she might fall asleep.

On top of this, her bowels aren't moving very well. She was only going about once a week. We took her to a paetiatrician and he prescribed Lactulose (fibre to get her bowels going) and Ranitidine to help reduce production of stomach acid. We have been using it for about 2/3 days and I'm not convinced it's helping her. She has poo'd more in the past few days, and she's still unsettled, and yesterday she was pretty much awake and crying from 3pm - 10pm, with screaming for the last 4 hours. She would go down for around 10 minutes but that's all. It was our worst evening so far.

She is normally really good during the night, with 4 hourly feeding and sleeping well.

She hasn't gained much weight since birth, mostly likely because she isn't sleeping very well, and is burning so many calories screaming.

My husband and I are just at our wits end with her - it's heartbreaking to see her in so much pain.

We are also taking her to an osteopath weekly, and are open to any suggestions. I just don't believe this is normal baby behaviour. But I don't know how to fix her....

I am so sorry to hear bubs is so unhappy. Could it be colic (wind)? My bub used to scream from 7-10 every night until I figured out it was colic. Infacol and Infants Friend worked. My bub also had constipation issues so it could be related. Just a suggestion. You may have already ruled it out. Good Luck!

I really feel your pain! My little girl was exactly the same.

It turned out she had wind and also silent reflux. The doc prescribed Zantac and I used Infacol for a little while and then swapped to gripe water, then I took her off it and she is fine now.

My bub has also had constipation lately. She started to get it as she would no longer drink water. I changed her formula and that has solved it.

Good luck. I know how heartbreaking it is to see bubs in that screaming state.

Is she breast fed? Me first baby did the same things from 4 week, the evenings were hell for hours. I took her to my GP who intantly said - 'go off dairy' which I did straight away and the change in her was amazing. It worked really quickly and NO MORE SCREAMING. No medication for her, or anything else; I just changed my diet and the problem was fixed.
The poor little thing. Sounds exactly like my daughter was. Classic reflux behaviour. Ranitidine is commonly known as Zantac (I googled it because I'd never heard of it). Zantac can take 1-2 weeks to start working. It is a very old reflux medication and often doesn't work, or can give bub more of an upset stomach. The next medication up is Losec which my daughter is on, in liquid form made up by a compounding chemist (not crushed tablets). This takes again 1-2 weeks to start working but commonly about day 5 it kicks in. It can be a long journey to find a solution for reflux. I remember distinctly the day in week 8 that it started to work. When it does start to work you'll have a completely new baby. For some it stops the chucking, for others the best is just a happy chucker (like mine). Until the drugs kick in get some infant gaviscon (a sachet after the feed) or mylanta ( 1ml before and after the feeds) these help ease the burning in her throat from the acid coming up.
If you are breastfeeding it is recommended that you eliminate caffeine, carbonated drinks, dairy, onions, citrus and a range of other things. Brestfeeding is better than formula so if you are thinking of stopping breastfeeding in case that will help then don't. If you are formula feeding look for the special formula for relfux bubs. I am breastfeeding and found my diet has a huge influence on bub, even one glass of wine will make her really chucky all day. My chiros daughter couldn;t handle corn at all.
Prop the bassinette up, stop the rocking and jiggling, feed her as upright as possible and try and keep her pright as much as possible. Lying down helps the acid come up, so try a sling or carrier, prop the stoller incline up (I keep my daughter in the capsule in the stroller so she is really upright).
I am taking my daughter to the chiro and have found this to be a great help.
Check out which is a great information site it tells you the signs of relux (your daughter has a fair few), lists great suggestions and general information.
It does get better. It gets worse at 6-8 weeks as that's when babies really kick in with their crying, some babies settle then, alot of babies settle with their reflux at about 6 months when they are on solids and upright more, other go the long haul 18 months.
Make sure you take a break if you can even 5 minutes outside with a cup of tea (hard I know),or putting a load of washing out. She is already in pain so crying iwthout you in the room is not going to make things worse, but it will help you get your head together. It is hell I know. My first 8 weeks were hell.
Good luck.
Hi it sound exactly like my bub except mine didn't sleep well.
In my opion it is colic thats what my boy had. I found that Infant marina mixture and Infants friends were the only ones that relieved it slightly.
Otherwise there is not much u can do but wait until they grow out of it. It extremely hard to see them in that much pain not to mention exhaushting for us my son is now 7 1/2 mths and still has it. But most babies have grown out of it by 16 weeks.

Hope u are luckier than me

Both my boys had reflux - my first son had silent reflux where you could here it come up from his stomach into his mouth and then he would swallow again causing burning/heartburn pain -my second son is 7 months old and he has reflux but not as bad thank goodness! Here are my tips that might help - elevate the cot at the end where he head is, makes them more comfortable, change nappy before each feed this helps so much as if you do it after as soon as you lift their legs up they vomit. I found infants friend a lifesaver I just wish they sold it in a bigger quantity- I also left a radio on in the room or a mobile on as I found they both were really sensitive to noise and this would block out the rest of the house noise as soon as they would hear outside noise they would cry. I fed both my boys the bottle literally sitting upright with their legs hanging so no pressure on their tummy and made sure if granparents fed them they knew what to do too. Made sure they wore loose clothing too. check out this website I wish this was around three years ago to help me!! Zantac made it worse for my son and I didnt like all of the chemicals in it. My husband and I would look at the clock after a feed and we knew if we got past the dreaded 1.5hours and they werent screaming in pain we would possibly be able to get them to sleep. It does get better when they are sitting up and eating solids
[Edited on 11/11/2008]
hi there i totally feel where u are coming from. My DS was exactly the same from about 3 weeks old. Me and my partner tried everything for him. He screamed all the time, wouldnt feed properly he would pull off after a few mouthfuls and scream and arch his back in pain. He would draw his legs up and grunt and scream in pain. We tried everything from infacol and gripe water to infants friend and even couthfuls of cooled boiled water. i found alot of mummies on here talked about brauers colic relief and i tried that. it worked wonders from about the 3rd day. Lucas now sleeps with his head raised in the basinett, he is on omeprazole (losec)for silent relfux and we give him this colic relief. I felt so terrible giving him medicine at such a young age and sometimes wondered if there was anymore i could have done or tried but to see him today compared to how he was he is a totally different baby and i dont feel as guilty when he smiles at me. hang in there and sometimes it can be a trial and error thing but stick things out for a week or so to see if they work and if not start again with a new approach. goodluck and lots of good thoughts coming ur way i know how hard it can be...
Hi there,
You should read my post 'unsettled baby' in the 'growth and development forum'.
I've had the same problems. My bub is now 5 months old and starting to show some improvement. I tried every colic preparation available, went to chiropractor, saw naturopath and he's even been on Losec for reflux. Nothing helped at all!! It doesn't matter what bottle or teats you use or how much you burp them.

Our babies are extra sensitive to the normal function called the 'gastro-colic reflex'. This is the reflex that causes the bowels to contract when food hits the stomach (& often poo during a feed). As soon as they eat, they get extremely uncomfortable and bring there legs up and scream.

My bub never slept. He's lucky if he sleeps for 4 hrs a day. He also farts a lot too.

I had to give up breastfeeding at 3 months coz my milk made it worse. He's now on Novalac hypoallergenic which doesnt really do anything.

Unfortunately, my paediatrician said that they have to grow out of it on there own. Like I said before, Alex is now 5 months old and is showing some sign of improvement finally.

Hang in there smile


as we all can appreciate every baby has different types and symptoms of reflux and it is best to try all of the suggestions to possibly find one that might make poor bub and mum and dad more comfortable and less sleep deprived. Yes it seems to get a bit better when they sit up and eat more food but that was just my boys
good luck- at least you know you are not alone and it is very common
hi my baby girl was really unsettled she still is but not as much know dr has put her on losec medication and a low allergy formula neocate,im taking her to a chiropractor only had two sessions so far but are helping her.she used to sleep for 20 mins during the day and wake up again but slept through the night,know she is more settled during the day to and sleeps for an hour or more,she was a really poor feeder from birth and still is it takes me a whole hour to feed her and she only has 4 ounces!she is two months old i know how your feeling been through it all i can say is take her to a peadiatric or chiropractor.have you tried a warm bath or a hot pack arond her tummy not too hot though.
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