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Advice please... Lock Rss

This is a two part question:

My 8 month old son is teething. At least I think he is. He's generally unhappy, tugging on his ear, drooling more than usual, has one rosey cheek and has got a cold. He's also having hot and cold flushes. Unfortunately he can't keep down baby panadol or nurofen. I talked to a pharmacist and was told all I could do was try another medicine or give him a suppository. I don't want to give him a suppository because he had to have them when he was younger for constipation and didn't react well to them (grumpy, crying- I could tell he didn't like it). Does anyone have any advice they could give me- a medicine with no flavour, or anything???

The second question is that today we had a long car trip- 7 hours. We broke it up and stopped for 90 mins half way for a crawl and food. When we got home he did a gianormous poo- it was everywhere front and back, up and down. He's never done a poo like this before. Then tonight after his final bottle he burped and was fine and then about a minute later threw the bottle and his dinner back up. It wasn't just a too much milk spew, it was a multiple process spew that took about 2 minute from start to finish. He was in pain.. he was arching his back and stiffening and crying real tears and was inconsolable for a while afterwards. Is this as a result of the car trip, or the teething or his cold? Or could it be something else?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. He's sleeping soundly now and I'm keeping a close eye on him but any reassurence would be great.
I haven't any suggestions for the medicine for teething other than talking to a naturapath or going into one of those natural remedy type stores and trying some of their products. Poor thing, we rely on panadol and/or nurofen over the rough patches so it must be so hard for you not being abel to use them.

I doubt the poo and vomit was from the car trip. You could put a bit of vomit towards it as in car sickness, but from what you described - it was more like a little gastro bug (tummy bug). Those kind of reactions can be quite normal in teething too and although a lot of professionals say its co-incidence, I found it too co-incidental with my DD and now DS so swear teething does cause cold type reactions including vomit and nasty poo's.

Not sure if I have been any help, take care and I hope things work out for you soon.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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