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Temperature - 36.2 is this too low? Rss

My baby's temperature is 36.2. Normally would not be too concerned but has been vomiting slightly more than usual. She is 8 months old. Is 36.2 too low?
Hows bubs going?

What thermometer do you use?

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

hii think thats normal for putting it under the arm, so it said on my instructions.

newp they can vary a lil. our bub was in hospital for 5 weeks after he was born and they took his temp every feed (3hrly) if it was down around there they just said to put a hat on his head (cuz of the aircon in the hospital) so i would just put something a lil bit warmer on him

That temperature is fine, especially for a baby that old. If she seems unsettled or bothered by it try adding another layer of clothes, other wise she should be fine.

Does bub have any other symptoms? What thermometer did you use? Also where? Oral, tympanic, axilla???

Put a bonet on bub and/or maybe a cardigan then take bubs temp again after 5 mins. Does it make a difference??
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