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baby rash Lock Rss

can any one tell me what cream is good for baby rash tell me please [email protected]

[email protected] plainland qld

We've used a few but really like Lucas' Paw Paw cream. Also zinc & castor oil cream and teh Curash medicated cream. The Paw Paw cream is also great on dribble rash around mouth - it smells good too.

Sarah, NSW, 9 month girl

Hi Johanne
My baby had a rash within the first few days of birth and has since we found that wipes can contain substances your baby may react to, so we found washing them out prior to usage was a excellent idea.
I also use Am o Lin which has been around for years.

DESTINY, WA, 18/9/02

I use sigmacort for all rashes on my baby and it works overnight. brilliant.


nance 1st mum 30/01/03

Where do you find that is it a cream nance ......

[email protected] plainland qld

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