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Bubs keeps getting sick Lock Rss

My 8 1/2 months old son keeps getting sick. He had gastro, then he got over that and got a cold, then gastro again, then a cold , then gastro again and now has a cold again.
I have heard that can be normal for a baby to have up to 6 colds in first year. But it seems like he gets over one thing and then straight away gets something else straight away. The doctor just keeps telling me to keep fluids up and give dimetapp. I just want him to be healthy and comfortable but I wish he didnt have to keep having medicine all time.
Do other mothers have this at all?
Do you think it is normal for bubs to be sick this much?

baby boy


Our princess, Mackenzie, was getting sick all of the time when she first started at daycare. I took her to my naturopath who put her onto herbal remedies to build up her immune system. She said that when baby comes into the world they have to build their own immune system and the herbal remedies give a bit of a hand along. Mackenzie still gets the odd runny nose, but it doesnt turn into a full blown infection as it was doing previously. I have also noticed a huge difference in her general mood and also the colour of her skin is beautiful.

May be worth a go, I am now so happy that she is not sick all the time.

See ya

Stephanie, NSW, Mother of Mackenzie

What are these herbs your baby is taking? Sounds good. Aside from that my baby is 10 months old and has only had a very minor cold. The thing is he isnt in day care or a mothers group or play group yet so that may be why he has hardly been sick. I do want to send my bub to gymbaroo and eventually day care because it builds their social skills. So I suppose he will be catching things alot more often. My point is there is sometimes "bad with the good" or "damned if you do damned or dont" and that sounds like that situation.

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

Gosh, we too have had the gastro virus, colds and flu around and around again. We have been sick for six months with only about four days out of that normal, not to mention really bad teething. If its not the baby, its Dad or mum that have been sick. I am sick, sick, sick of it.

I feel like we have been a drugged out family. We have every sort of medicine possible in our cupboard.

I just want a happy cheerful family again.

Dad now has a lung infection. Let this be the last virus for this year.


Sorry it has taken me a few days to get back to you. You would need to find a Naturopath in your area because the herbs are designed specifically for your baby. With Mackenzie, she has one dose per day and if she seems to be getting a runny nose we up it straight to 4 doses a day and that seems to work for her.


Stephanie, NSW, Mother of Mackenzie

Hi Stephanie,
Thanx for your response. A naturopath sounds like a good idea. How old is Mackenzie? Do you know if bubs has to be a certain age before they can take hebal remedies and did you find it expensive?

baby boy

Hi Ladybird,

Mackenzie is going to be 1 year in 3 weeks but she has been on the herbs since she was about 8 months. They are a little expensive but we can claim the majority back on our health fund. And when I weighed up what it was costing me in daycare fees when she wasnt there and also my time off work, it didnt add up to nearly that much.

I dont think they have to be a certain age before taking the herbs.

See ya

Stephanie, NSW, Mother of Mackenzie

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