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Is there anyone who's child who has/has had laryngomalacia?? Lock Rss

Hi there!!
I'm interested in hearing from other parents of children who have or have had laryngomalacia?
My son Aidan (3mths) has been diagnosed with it, and it is a condition that he has had since he was born. The specialist said it's a condition where the trachea doesn't collapse fully when Aidan inhales, thus producing a "wheezing" noise. It's something that children will grow out of within a year or so, or it can grow worse requiring intrusive treatment. Fortunately for Aidan, he's improved, and the specialist and my GP are just monitoring him. He's never shown any sign of distress or difficulty breathing; although his wheezing does get worse if he cries alot.
The only setback is that he can't join a daycare centre in case he was to catch a cold or flu, which could affect his breathing. We have to wait till he's grown out of it.
I have looked it up on the net, but would like to hear from other parents firsthand, so I can learn a little more about it from a parent's perspective.

Ambs, Mummy to Aidan (born March 04)

Hi Amber,
My son was also diagnosed with it at about three weeks old, at first the doctor told me he had abit of a cold, but after a few weeks it hadnt gone away I went back demanding some more answers! so it turns out, after seeing a specialist he had laryngomalacia and there was nothing I could do, I had so many sleepless nights as his breathing would stick and sometimes he would stop breathing for 10-15 seconds. The docs said that if he stops breathing for 20secs or longer they would admit him and observe him overnight, I so didnt want this to happen, my poor baby was only little. So I stayed up sometimes all night just listening. Im not sure how bad Aiden is but it is a big worry even if its just mild. Anyway to cut a long long story short he's 10months old and he hasnt had any more problems since it went away at around 4-5 months old. I know it can take longer and yes sometimes it does get worse before it gets better but it totally changed my perspective on things, I didnt get stressed out and annoyed at his crying or waking in the middle of the night as I thought it better to have a crying baby than no baby at all! I really hope things get better for you soon and if you ever need to chat my email is [email protected] I also have MSN. I totally understand how stressful this time can be and I hope you have a spportive partner at home helping you thru this stage.
OMG Amber I am so sorry, I just read the posts about Aidens father and I so didnt mean to make you feel worse or anything, by the sounds of it tho your family are behind you and Im glad youve got someone to turn to. I hope everythings working out for you now cos its sounds like youve had a rough few months! sorry again and good luck.
Hi Rhiannon
I'm glad that your son is better. Aidan has been getting better, but the last couple of days he's been a little rattly. I'm not sure if it's the cold weather or if it's wind, but I've been checking on him regularly while he's sleeping.
I've been getting symptons of a cold, so have been doing my best to keep that at bay, as I don't want Aidan to get a cold, but then again, he's probably built up an immunity to my bugs etc because he's around me all the time.
I know how it feels to be extra-worried!! I thought that Aidan was struggling with his breathing when we were still in hospital when he was born, and I was panicking.
I'm glad all is going well with your little boy. I've been told Aidan should recover. Everything else is going well, and I do have heaps of support!! Unfortunately, the whole thing with Aidan' dad could take months to resolve, but I'm prepared to go all the way!!!
Thanks for your email, I wrote it down, and I'll keep in touch.
Take care

Ambs xxx

Ambs, Mummy to Aidan (born March 04)

my son jake was just diagnosed with this condition just recently.
he was prem and since birth always had funny breathing, i was always asking the nurses about it while in nicu and they said it was normal for premature babies.
he was discharged then admited again a day later due to apneoa episode which got worse while in hospital, doctors did tests but still couldn't give me a reason as to why this was happening.
once home again things were fine but i noticed jake was still a weezy breather, i took him to the doctor countless times thinking he might have ashtma ect, but i got the same answer everytime and started to think i was just paranoid.
jake is 3 1/2 month old now and about a week or so ago started gasping for air in his sleep and sounding like he was strugling to breath, id had enough so took him to hospital demanding answers.
finaly saw a specialist and found out jake has laryngomalacia. nice to finally have an answer!! (my motherly instincts have settled now!)

its very scary, especially being a first time mum, but is easy to deal with now that i know he can still breath ok, just sounds like he cant.

i feel better now knowing theres others out there whos babes are going through the same thing and that im not the only one!!
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