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Lumpy food Lock Rss

My little one took to solids just fine. We have just recently been trying her on the 6 month old food, which contains lumps, these lumps are the only things she manages to spit out. An excellent filtration system I admit, but not quite what she is supposed to be doing. Has anyone any suggestions on making this transition easier?

Yvette, WA, 6 month baby girl

Our little boy is seven months and was doing just the same for the first couple of weeks. I just went with it and didn't try to force him to eat the lumps. After trying him on toast and crusketts where he worked out how to suck and chew, he his now fine with the lumps.
With two kids I found it hard at dinner time to prepare food for everyone, so I occassionally resorted to the tinned food. I found that the Heinz food for 6+ months was very lumpy and my son could not chew them and he spat them out or gagged on them so I switched to Golden Circle. This didn't seem to be as lumpy and they weren't as hard. He enjoys the variety that you can get from them, as I don't make food like that.
Hi Yeti, you probably have the answer to this already but keep persisting i still have trouble with my 9 month old from time to time but she's getting the hang of it.
My 10mth old was doing the same thing and now she's on the 9mth old tins and she still does it. My solution has been to use a fork to break the biggest & hardest chunks, down just a little and as she gets used to chewing a little more i break it down a little less each time. She seems to be coping with this quite well. Hope this helps.
My baby was the same at 6 months and now at 10 months shes just taking little bits of it. She only just started having her first 2 teeth. I have read somewhere that their digestive system may not be mature enough for lumps if they havent have teeth yet and every baby teeth at diferent times!
Hi my wee girl is 11mths and she still refuses the tins of lumpy food for 6mths plus alougth she will eat almost anything she can hold she will only eat soft or no lumps mash off a spoon which I give to her. she has 6 teeth and can eaisly chew finger food.
Maybe lumpy tin food just doesnt taste as good.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

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