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crying constipation Lock Rss

hi my names des and i have a 4 month old son, dylan. he is on 3 bottles a day and goes 4-5 days without pooing. when he does go it takes up to 24 hrs of him trying for him to get it out. he pushes and screws up his face til it goes red and when he can't handle it anymore he cries a real painful cry.

he has in past had an abcess on the inside of his bottom. doc won't do anything cuz abces hasn't come back. what can i do to ease his pain.

heartbroken mum.
Hi Heartbroken Mum

I understand how you feel. My little boy had a bad bout of constipation at around 5-6 months of age. A couple of ideas the child health nurse suggested to me were these: try getting bub to drink more fluids such as water or diluted prune juice. I have heard that if you add a little bit of raw sugar to the water, it helps to soften the poo. At the worst of my little boy's constipation (when the poos were as hard as rocks and his bottom red raw), I used Coloxyl Drops (you can get this from most chemists) to put in his milk to help soften them. (Can't remember how much it is as it has been a while since I've had to buy any). I also used Daktozin cream for my little boy's red bottom and it worked a treat! Anyway, hope this helps.
Hi Des. Check with your maternal nurse but I think at 4 months bub needs to be having 5 bottles a day, this may be the reason? But anyway I find fruit juice diluted with water (half water half juice) works really well too. Also adding an extra 10 to 20 ml of water in with the formula.

JZ mum to Bradley 17/08/03 and Heidi 25/02/06

Tahlia is 7 months and we have been dealing with consitpation since about 12 weeks it has been a huge problem for us. Then she started to do these hard round poos and whould be in so much pain. I started to add more water to her bottle eg. 220mls of water and then 4 scoops of powder that helped a bit also she was not a sweet eater hated fruit. I have had Tahlia on coloxly drops(hope that is how you spell it) That has also helped. I put her to sleep on her tummy that helps so much she can move around alot and rolls heaps i found that when i put her to bed and would go in she would be on her tummy so i just do it when i put her to bed with nothing else in the cot also warm water helps.
Hope this helps it is hard i understand.

Tahlia- jane born 13/01/04 & Sienna Lily

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