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pyloric stenosis Lock Rss

Just wondering if anyone else child has had pyloric stenosis (where the valve between the stomach & the intestine becomes inflamed and tightens preventing food to pass through)

my boy is nearly 6 months old and at five weeks old he was operated on for this condition.

his symtoms were projectile vomiting.

when we first took him to a doctor(after hours) the first thing they asked me was i a first time mum. even though i am a new the difference between a spit after a feed and this.

his op went well. but now he also has reflux. at first it was just silent reflux but after a while he would vomit. it doesn't upset him.

just every day we have to give he losac.
to top it off we think he has a cows milk intolerence, so since this all started he has been on soya formula.

Kath, QLD,

Yes my son had Pyloric Stenosis too. he started vomiting when he was 2 weeks old and at first we just thought it was reflux (our daughter had reflux as a baby). At 3 weeks he had lost weight and the vomits were getting worse so we took him to our GP who sent us for an U/S which diganosed the condition. So straight up to the Mater we went and he was operated on the next day. Like most babies with this condition he too had reflux and was on Zantac for it. Nathan is now 16mths and hasn't looked back since his op.
How is your little boys milk consumption?
About a month after his op my son started to scream every time he saw his bottle and we would struggle to get milk into him. He was probebly about 9 mths before he actually started to get excited about his milk.
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